1. S

    Tips for surviving lockdown

    Now that many countries are in lockdown perhaps we could share survival tips to alleviate the stress boredom etc I will kick it off with one for those who pre virus enjoyed a wee drink Using your carry out put a tin of beer in different rooms in your house Then going round your home...
  2. bickern

    Tips & Tricks

    WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PUT A COIN IN THE FREEZER BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME. Have you ever come home from vacation, business trip or maybe a long weekend away with the family - and noticed your digital clocks flashing the wrong time? You quickly realise that you had a power outage while you were away...
  3. T

    Snooker Cue Tips

    Does anyone know of anywhere in Side or Manavgat that sells tips and chalk for snooker cues?
  4. S

    Emmigrating tips

    As I get closer to big move surely those of you who have made the big move could give me a few tips and pointers of things to check recheck and check again in the final run in. Cheers
  5. S

    House sale tips

    So I am getting into dealing with viewers on my quest to sell my house I read online that the smell of fresh baked bread can seriously be advantageous to get a viewer to transform into a buyer. ( also read viewers make their mind up subconsciously within 3 mins of arrival!!!) Now as I am...
  6. S

    Diy tips

    I am possibly the worst at Diy in Western Europe I am therefore getting a proper decorator in to sort most of the house but decided I would paint 2 of the bedrooms myself My query is how do you paint skirting boards in a room with shaggy carpet? Surely there's some neat trick for keeping...
  7. S

    Tips for ( old) lads session

    Right Those men amongst you who take the odd sherbert-any tips for staying upright longer when on a bit of a session ? Bringing a mate out to my new place for a boozey few days and need to be at my alcofinest Frankly I used to be able to booze with the best of them but 7 pints now and I am...
  8. beyazbayan

    Beauty tips

    Beauty tip for those who are colour blind and have white eyebrows - store your dark red lip liner separately from your dark brown eyebrow pencil. This prevent you going out looking like you are an early Halloween party goer. Further advice do not buy hair dye when you can't translate the...
  9. L

    Tips on Antalya visit

    We've now booked our trip to Antalya and would appreciate some advice 1. Should we book a hotel for our first night near the airport or in town, bearing in mind that we land at 2.45am 2. Recommendations of a hotel, we have Hotel Metur in mind at the moment 3. Name of a reliable car hire company...
  10. S

    Advice and tips welcome

    Anyone got any advice and tips on driving to Turkey. We have got a month off, bought a camper van and plan to drive to Fethiye. Thanks to Spurs, we have the route, going through France, Switzerland and Italy, then across to Greece and then Turkey. The main part of the holiday will be taken on...
  11. C

    Olu Deniz tips (staying at Alize)

    Hi All Travelling to Olu Deniz at the end of this month & wondered if any of you good souls had any tips for activities or excursions nearby to the Alize Hotel? Our 5 year daughter will be with us but also other family members so either family friendly or older activity suggestions are...
  12. bickern

    Top 10 tips for new brides on their wedding night

    ‘Give little, give seldom, and above all, give grudgingly’. Sounds a laugh a minute, right?
  13. S

    Tips re Dalyan and Fethiye

    I am looking for recommendations re a 4 day trip to the Dalyan /Fethiye area . I have a car so am mobile and prepared to go 125 miles any direction each day. I am particularly interested in the river cruise and the ancient caves etc in Dalyan but am looking for any tips re where to go on the...
  14. F

    Useful Tips.

    Instead of buying expensive binoculars simply stand closer to whatever you want to look at.
  15. T

    Using ATMs in Altinkum - any tips?

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. We are heading to Altinkum this weekend, which is great! The only problem is that I will not be paid until next week which means we will not be bringing over cash and exchanging for Lira once we arrive like we usually do. Is there a preferred Bank...
  16. T

    Car hire tips

    Hi out there in Side land. Has anyone got any tips on hiring car/jeep in Side and what's the price of fuel now?
  17. P

    Kentia Appts - Tips

    Hi Folks going here on 1st July Can you tell me any MUST go to restaurants Nearby and those in Main Side itself Also best places to shop near to it and indeed further afield Any help greatly appreciated Paul
  18. T

    Going to Side, any tips?

    Hi Will be back in Side this September. Not been there since 2004. What new and what's stayed the same? Any tips you can give will be gladly accepted, except don't drink the water and go easy on the booze. Thanks in anticipation. Tosher
  19. L

    Tips for learning Turkish

    Morning, I have been trying to learn Turkish for a while now. When we are on holiday & have someone to talk with I do quite well but then we get home it is quickly forgotten. I have bought a language course CD but have nobody to practice with. What tips do you have on how to keep up with...
  20. SLEEPY

    Summer 2013 fashion tips?

    As beach time is not far off my thoughts now turn to my summer threads and what will be the must have gear for this season. As I am a sandals and socks sort of bloke I would be grateful for any tips and ideas to spruce my look and god willing maybe turn a few heads on Yali seafront.
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