Richard I Tip My Hat To You

    Politicians not answering the questions they were asked drives me nuts..but good old Richard sorted out Williamson ... https://twitter.com/ShehabKhan/status/1001424832943271936?s=09
  2. S

    Top tip

    As an almost illegally bad chef I rarely post on this thread however I felt duty bound to pass on this culinary tip I have just discovered this minute- If you ever decide to make yourself a burger for lunch do not necessarily assume that a rubbery blood taste chewy mouthful indicates badly...
  3. juco

    Tip for the week

    If you drop a cell (AA battery) onto a hard resilient surface, it will or will not bounce. A dead one bounces, a good one does not due to its changed internal chemistry.
  4. yalimart

    Tip of the day

    Today's tip is ..........when splitting logs with an 8lb sledge hammer and wedge, concentrate and don't completely miss the wedge, the log and land it on your foot protected by no more than a pair of dodgy new balance trainers, you end up with very black toes, if you are lucky ! I did ! And I've...
  5. keny

    tip top pools

    Does anyone know if the company is still in business? Used to be on the industrial estate at the top of altinkum. Thanks if you can help
  6. arrian

    Taking Tablets? tip!

    when I was taking lots of different tablets, spread out throughout the day, I bought one of those boxes with little compartments, but was always forgetting to take them, and then forgetting which ones I had taken. well, I've now solved the problem with what I think is a very simple method! you...
  7. culturevulture

    Finding flights tip

    A good tip for finding flights, is to sign up for emails from all the airlines flying to your destination. Not all of them will originate from your country., So sign up for the emails from airlines that fly anywhere from your country. This way you be notified of all promotions, and can slot in...
  8. S

    Tip for hubbys

    Husbands- Cheer yourself up by watching your wedding video in reverse. You will feel much better watching yourself taking the ring back, returning down the aisle, getting into the car and effing off!!!
  9. S

    Handy tip

    Bookshop owners-thoroughly p.i.s.s. off Christians by moving Bibles in your store to the fiction section.
  10. S

    Handy tip

    Dog owners-keep a small plastic bag of dog excrement behind your kitchen door. Bringing this with you each time you walk your dog will save you filling another one
  11. M

    Mossy net cleaning tip

    I am all for making life easier so I want to share a tip on cleaning the dust off the mosquito nets. They get sooooooo dusty and are a nightmare to clean but if you have a swimming pool (or your neighbour doesnt use theirs at 3am lol) simply dip them in after you have finished using it for the...
  12. John O' Dreams

    A Tip ...

    Don't sit down with an egg in your back pocket. Talking about tips: I often leave a huge one for the boys who have served me. Then again, I am CONSIDERABLY RICHER than most of YEOW!!!
  13. B

    how much should you tip

    was wondering if anyone has the same problem as me when away i never know how much to tip and am often told by friends i tip to much i tip more when i'm away than i do at home was just looking some opinions on this am i being to generous
  14. Firefox

    Tip of the Iceberg

    This was headline news in UK today, Moroccan's 'Breathtaking' 388k Benefit Scam | LBC How very typical and frequent similar stories are on a weekly bases designed to scare and deter. I say most people when they come to the UK learn to behave like their British peers, Bankers, MPs Minster’s...
  15. Angela Stansfield

    Bulgaria - Great Tip!!!

    Have any of you thinking of relocating to Bulgaria thought about this? Log Cabins Log Homes Timber Frame and Modular Housing From Log Home Scotland 67 sqm log home They look fantastic. Around £28,000. Eco friendly, insulated, built to last generations and look fab! Takes the worry out of...
  16. S

    A little tip to air clothes

    We are back to this time of the year again, when everything feels damp, the washing never feels quite aired. If you have a spare bed like i do and it is a double which is better but not to worry if not, go buy another electric blanket put it on the bed, and pop a sheet over the top, then lay out...
  17. M

    Water pressure tip

    Hi Unsure if this will help anyone but only cost pennies to try. After weeks of extremely low water pressure I took the filter out of the end of each tap spout and placed in acid. After a few minutes of soaking and fizzing I put them back on and hey presto fantastic water pressure. The reason...
  18. Bubskar

    Bub's latest Top Tip

    Now you know I like a tip and the latest one is fantastic! It's seems it's a well kept one that Turkish people seem to know and one which has evaded me. I happened to take advantage of a mini break the last three days and found myself in a place that was perfect for peace and rest. However...
  19. S

    £250k Tip!

    BBC News - Newquay woman leaves taxi driver £250,000 in her will
  20. Bubskar

    Luv a good tip

    I'm passing this on because I love a good tip if it works. I accidentally got biro on my new shorts yesterday and I looked up how to remove ink from clothing online. Lots and lots of tips advocating the miracle that is "hairspray"! I just tried it and it was like magic. Sprayed a little onto...
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