1. A

    What is going on in tinky town?

    We are out this July 18th with some friends and want to make sure they have a nice time. What is gong on in didim around the 20th - 30th and what restaurants would you recommend please?
  2. J

    Alad in Tinky Town Panto

    I would like to thank Kym and everyone else involved in organising the above panto in Altinkum, the proceeds of which are going to a local childrens charity, (over 1,200 Lira). Me and my family really enjoyed it, it was really well put together and really funny with lots of innuendos and I...
  3. L

    winter in tinky

    hi folks.. i was wondering what it would be like in november/december. am thinking of a winter break?:-)
  4. maggie

    Tinky Market.

    Today I went to the new sited Tinky Market. For those of you who dont know its been moved its is now over near the bus station in Didim,on the road by the pink hospital. Well I now think its horrid.I used to love rambling backwards and forwards along the side streets of the old market weaving...
  5. The_madhouse

    Whats the weather like in tinky at the mo?

    What the weather like in Altinkum at the mo, we are fed up with all the rain in London, and counting down the days (only 48 days to go!) till we are back.
  6. petermcintosh

    Tinky Hols

    Hi All We have just came back this week after a terrific time in Altinkum last week, glorious weather for first four days, poor for the last two, the resort was the quietest that we have ever experienced, but was still good to meet up with all our old Turkish friends, Mr White (Ege bar) Psyco...
  7. sunshine

    Cheap hop to Tinky...

    Hi all I am coming to altinkum on the 9th dec' for a few days,just to check up on the apartment and do a bit of DIY. I couldn't believe that it will only cost £89 rtn Gatwick/Izimr with BA,so i thought why not,and it will be a nice little break before christmas which i have to work. :ballchain...
  8. Pheme

    Non Trashy weekend in Tinky ;-)

    Went to eat at the Appollon Saturday night and had freshly grilled Sea Bass, It was to die for! The little man with the guitar was not there and on asking abut his absence I was told as they had new entertainment for Saturday nights, a Turkish entertainer who sang English songs. He wasn’t there...
  9. Pheme

    Saturday Night in Tinky

    I Wandered past the Swan on Saturday night, amid World Cup Fever. Just a drunken sea of red & white. Tops, bottoms, hair, faces, some due to paint and some due to alcohol abuse. Flags were waving, beer was spilling and throats were getting horse from too much shouting. Moving on to catch up with...
  10. Pheme

    Tinky Town event

    There’s a little restaurant next to Elaines Chippy called “Husnu Baba’Nin Yeri” where you get a traditional Turkish meal for 5 lira. Plenty of bread, a timbale of rice, sometimes with tiny crunchy pasta strips in and a bowl of bean stew with lamb or Aubergine shells filled with minced lamb and...
  11. Pheme

    Tinky Town

    Not a lot happening round Tinky town this week - Be a few weeks till the height of season when 6 packed adonises are spinning on their heads to the summer tunes and girls are loosing their knickers nightly on the beach! The fishbowls will be in full flow, waiters will be collecting fiances on a...
  12. P

    Tinky Lovers

    hi mate any other local tinky lovers,do you have a place in tinky ,,,,if so were? we are buying this year do you recomend anywere or anybody?
  13. CrescentHomes

    Tinky February 2005

  14. O

    Tinky here I come !!

    YEESSS....Just booked a week in Altinkum starting 17th.June:D:D:D Going to look at properties while I am there(only looking as I have to sell my house in England first):( Staying at the HOTEL AVSAR.......Does anyone know exactly where this is[?] Maybe someone could post a grid reference from...
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