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    Bad timing!

    Just my luck! Last February I bought a small apartment in Gumusluk, now I am dismantling my home of 29 years, have been granted a career break for one year and was intending to come to Turkey and just have a year out. I have spent the last 40 years working, since I was 16 years old, and 2015 was...
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    Location & Timing

    Just joined the website. Havent got a property yet but love Turkey and looking into the market. Not sure about which area. I guess the best thing is to go over and drive around. I know some areas are probably better value but maybe not as good, dont know any advice much appreciated. I guess...
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    Working/residence visas timing

    hi, read through the posts regarding this, but don't think my question has been clearly answered anywhere so hope someone can assist please; My wife and I may come to live in Altinkum in about a years time, so I understand we need to apply for a residence permit once we are there, I presume we...
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