1. bal canavar

    A week in Turkey Timeline

    Better without soundtrack. Turquoise Timelapse: A week in Turkey - YouTube
  2. ted j

    Get rid of facebook timeline

    Get rid of timeline Facebook is supposed to be rolling out the crap Timeline this weekend Everybody will get it wanted or not (not, in most cases). It's cluttered, ugly looking and not well thought out at all So here's how to disable it (This doesn't delete it, it just lets you view...
  3. newhorizon

    FaceBook brings back Users Past with Timeline

    Today, Facebook updated the site again this time showing a User's Past pre-Facebook, with a 'timeline' of Events starting with your Birth for example thru' all the years till the present. Visually appears with a glossy Blog like feel, allowing a larger photo to represent yourself perhaps on...
  4. lorraine

    A timeline of Turkey's quest to join the European Union

    A timeline of Turkey's quest to join the European Union Turkish Daily News Sunday, October 2, 2005 - 1952: Turkey joins NATO. - 1959: Ankara applies for associate membership in the European Economic Community, the EU forerunner. - 1963: Turkey becomes an associate member, winning...
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