1. gam101

    Short Term RP Tax (1st time)

    Greetings folks. Just wanted to confirm if the tax to be paid for the STRP (first time) is 620TL and the 110TL card fees is the norm. Thank you. :)
  2. bickern

    First time in England, a judge with a headscarf

    For the first time in England, a judge with a headscarf was appointed. Raffia Arshad, 40, was appointed as Midlands district judge last week after her 17-year legal career. Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Raffia Arshad said, “I know this is not about me, thise is definitely an issue that...
  3. kody

    Is it time to put Coronavirus threads together?

    Kanga asked "Is it time to put Coronavirus threads together?", I think yes, what do other members think? The down side would be the size but new posts would be in one place at least.
  4. S

    Is it wrong to want internet at this coronavirus time?

    Hello, I would really like to get some internet sorted at my home. I live up in the mountains near Göcek Fethyie region and have terrible phone signal. Sometimes I get edge data. But not anywhere near enough to do a video call. It would be really nice to video call my mum and dad back in the...
  5. 3

    About time - Dieselgate

    I say "about time" because this now has been going on for years, what's the hold up, who made the cheat device, who sanctioned the use of them & who else knew & agreed the use of? Back in the day I was certificated to deal with petroleum & gas, if I or one of my workers had cut a corner knowing...
  6. E

    Pay back time

    Nice to see the bulls get their own back ,watch them all https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6996747/Female-bullfighiter-suffers-broken-jaw-gored-face-half-ton-bull.html
  7. Neil_Denizli

    I'm coming home I've done my time ...

    After 6 years in Denizli ... the city that never wakes ... the big patlıcan ... am moving back to Gűműşluk. What did I miss? Anything I should know? Tips advice recommendations and grumbles all equally welcom.
  8. Mojive

    Long time coming Cuba holiday!

    Hi fellow members :) Having a change from Turkey holidays and its nearly that time for 2 weeks in Cuba first 3 nights in Havana then on to AI for R and R.... flying out 31st Jan any must see/do in Havana, any tips at all. I know about cigar factory, Rum factory and the CARS :) going alone...
  9. yalimart

    Right time, Wrong time

    https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/when-to-start-drinking-christmas-15535976 What is the right time to have a tipple, we have a couple of bottles of Taittinger Brut Reserve NV on chill to serve with fresh clementine juice for breakfast, after all there is only...
  10. IbrahimAbi

    Time for translation?

    I read this article three times, and can still not understand what is going on. When will we go to GMT +3? Does it say or are we supposed to know by implication? in this time zone it is past Efes o'clock, so I might be missing something! I take it that Turkey will be GMT +3 all year, but from when?
  11. immac

    Spanish Time Share

    LBC Radio are running ads this week for anyone who has Time Share in Spain. Seems there has been a Spanish High Court ruling that many schemes have been selling illegally and those who have been duped are liable for compensation (around £30,000) according to the advert from a solicitor in...
  12. K

    popcorn time

    Hi somebody recently put a link for popcorn time, films and tv series, could they please put the link up again Thanks
  13. suecheshireuk

    Time wasters !!!

    Ok, now I'm going to have a rant. Why do people make an offer on your house, to which you agree, then come back the next day to look at what furniture they want to buy off you, only to arrive and say they want more air con units and fly screens which is going to cost x amount (which was greatly...
  14. bickern

    Watch Movies and Series - Popcorn Time

    Popcorn Time is the free Netflix. The only Popcorn Time I use is from https://popcorntime.sh It does not have cams and it does not keep nagging you to purchase their VPN. If you want to keep the downloaded stuff then go to settings to stop it deleting them when you exit. Version 3.1 is...
  15. C

    1st time buyers in Altinkum

    Hi everyone, fell in love with ALTINKUM, and want to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment, need all the info I can get, also anyone know a reputable firm to go with?
  16. juco

    Time is confusing!

    Dave Allen - "Teaching Your Kid Time" - '93 - stereo HQ - YouTube
  17. juco

    Time to lift the floorboards again!

    There are now less than four weeks left until all Scottish paper £5 and £10 notes are withdrawn from circulation. The Committee of Scottish Bankers is encouraging the public to spend or exchange these notes before 1 March. Issuing banks will still accept all Scottish money from customers after...
  18. C

    Passport time left worry

    Hi there I bought my visa 2nd May 2017 but didn't use until July 2017 for 14 days. Now I am going to Turkey again 11 days in Sept still on a valid visa. But my passport has me wondering if I will still be ok as it Expires Jan 2018 . I know Turkey used to have a 3 month validity rule from when...
  19. suzyq

    New Law - Lawsuit Time Period

    Good news The justice system will as of Sept. 1 notify plaintiffs of when their legal cases are due to be concluded at the time of a lawsuit being opened, in an attempt to accelerate judicial proceedings in Turkey. Judiciary to notify plaintiffs of targeted length of judicial proceedings in...
  20. mollag

    Negative time

    I'm not getting this, much as I like to think they are trying hard. TA will supply laptops to "businessmen" who can use them on flights, fine but what will they do with them? No internet and despite assurances of security on the lines of "there's a cheque in the post" they are not to be trusted...
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