1. bal canavar

    President till 2029

    Executive Presidency.... Erdogan partisan style till 2029 ...I can't think of anything worse ,but most Turks who oppose, have resigned themselves to the fact unfortunately. Due to the weakness of the opposition leaders some only thinking of thier own self interests , and not helped...
  2. yalimart

    fingers in the till - again !

    Shouldn't these people be representing us instead of abusing their positions and representing their own bank accounts Peer Denies Breaking Rules Over Lobbying Tory MP Patrick Mercer Quits The Party Lords Cunningham and Mackenzie have both been mentioned as well...
  3. G

    Dublin to Istanbul till June 14 for 179€

    Flights have been extended and are available now, same rules apply as before book and pay 30 days in advance and whoo hoo antalya here we come!
  4. M

    Looking for a rental apartment for Sept 2012 till Dec 2012

    Dear Members, for my parents I am looking for a rental apartment with furniture for the period of Sept 2012 till Dec 2012. The location should be around the center because my mother has a heart condition and should not walk to far. We are prepared to pay 3 months up front. Please only home...
  5. perfect1949

    would you like to live till you was 130

    today on the news, a woman in gorgia, allegedly as reached her 130 th birthday .who wants to live that long ?
  6. I

    bargain price for long term let till may 2010..didim

    hi am putting my 2 bed apartment in didim for long term rent, rather someone enjoy its use than it being kept empty. location is near the town centre just few blocks behind the migros on the main road..if interested pm me..:w00t:
  7. J

    Goodbye Dalyan, till next time

    Hi everyone, we have had a wonderful stay in Dalyan, met some great hospitable people, seen some breath taking sights and enjoyed good weather. Off home in the morning to England, looking forward to returning in April for another long stay, hope you all have a good winter, better then we will...
  8. M

    Looking for a nice get away for 4 till 7 days

    Hello Everbody, Looking for a nice place to stay for 3 till 7 days. My husband and me are both very hard workers and hardly see each other because of this. Also because of the death of my husband father and the heart attack of my mother we got a lot of bad times behind us. Next monthe we are...
  9. catweazle

    cash till help

    hi can someone please translate into english for me the choices you get on a cash machine when it is in turkish, and the wording that i need to look out for to make a withdrawl thanks in advance pete
  10. A

    Row over a till receipt

    I have just had a call from someone who is staying in our apartment in Altinkum and he said on their way back from Gima they have nearly got into a fight with a guy that kept trying to get into the shopping and he eventually got the till receipt and legged it. We do use a Gima card. Can anyone...
  11. B

    7 days to go till i go on holiday

    :114mf: :yipee: :16vf:
  12. merlin

    12 weeks till the end of season... What plans have you?

    Theres only 12 weeks till DST ends. Back in the UK we are more akin to making the traditional New Years resolutions but many ex-pats I know use the winter months as a time of planning to improve their social skills. This can include learning the Turkish language, learning to drive in Turkey or...
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