1. A

    Retiling a swimming pool

    Hi all, Can anyone give an approx cost to retile a swimming pool with mosaics? Looking at 2020 prices... or has anyone had this done who wouldn't mind giving us the cost? Size approx 6 metres by five with a 1.8 depth. Many thanks all!
  2. ted j

    Ted's Tiling Tips

    Having Been A Tiler For 30 Odd Years, And Due To (Hopefully), Retire In Altinkum Soon, I Thought I'd Pass On A Few Tips I've Picked Up over The Years. 1- Invest in One Of Those Pipes-Cables In The Wall Detectors(Quite Inexpensive, And WAY Cheaper Than a Plumber- Electrician) . 2- Instead Of...
  3. C

    Marble tiling??

    Hi i need some tiling done through out my property in Calis but it's hard to know who to trust at times. Anyone had any done recently?
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