1. Tenpin

    News Foundation promotes İznik tiles worldwide

    Foundation promotes İznik tiles worldwide https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/amp/foundation-promotes-iznik-tiles-worldwide-165500 Extract: With a mission to promote the traditional art of handmade İznik tiles, which disappeared 400 years ago without a trace, the İznik Foundation has been making...
  2. B

    Carpet tiles

    Anybody out there ever seen any? with winter coming I thought carpet tiles in the bedrooms would be a good idea. though living here for a good few years I have never seen any. I could laminate easy enough but I thought tiles would be warmer,:27br:
  3. B

    Buying Tiles in Didim?

    Anyone please know were to find the best selection of outdoor tiles to buy in the Altinkum/Didim area? Thanks, Mel
  4. J

    Tiles- outside

    Hello, I need to restick some tiles around the patio area, do I use a mix of sand & cement or can I buy a ready mix?, any info much appreciated. Tx Jan
  5. paddington bear

    Cleaning pool tiles

    Can someone please tell me what the pool tiles should be cleaned with. At the moment our useless gardener is emptying the pool. Last year he cleaned the pool tiles with cif so of course they weren't clean so this year I want to catch him before he starts to "clean" the tiles and tell him...
  6. Yalides

    Floor and wall tiles

    24 plain tiles 33cm x 33cm 20TL 59 plain tiles 10cm x 10cm 8 patterned 10cm x 10cm 20TL
  7. DtB

    Wood varnish off tiles?

    In our absence here we've had workers come in to varnish our outside woodwork under supervision from the guys who manage our site. Yeah, right. Needless to say that the varnishers didn't feel the need to cover up the balcony with the result that we now have nearly as much varnish on the white...
  8. B

    floor tiles

    Can anyone recommend a suitable tile adhesive for ceramic tiles on a concrete floor, a uni-bond type turkish equivalent if there is one thanks
  9. P

    Help with wall tiles

    We need to tile our kitchen walls in our UK home and have recently bought some porcelain 'natural stone' tiles that we liked from Homebase. We didnt realise until we got home that they are in fact intended as floor tile, although its off because they are long narrow tiles and not the usual big...
  10. G

    ceramic tiles

    hi ,does anyone know if there are any websites for floor and wall tiles in altinkum ? i need to get some idea of what i want and from where before i go over in september . also ,if anyone knows if and where i could get slate type of floor tiles from ? thanks
  11. alison09400

    How Many Tiles

    I've decided to re-tile my "small" bathroom where the loo & washbasin is. Just happened to be in Koctas today and saw some lovely tiles which were on offer. Thing is, my hubby has gone off to the east of Turkey for a week, so not here to sort it out. So can anyone please tell me how many sqm...
  12. B

    bathrooms and tiles

    hi i would like to now the best places for bathroom and tile showrooms [?] i have seen only one near the gima but i would like to have a shop around first i want something nice and fancy:D the toilets i have are new and the tiles but they are to plain eny help would be very grateful mebes...
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