1. J

    Getting stains off of tiled floor

    Before we bought our villa it was an empty shell for 5 years and has accumulated lots of bad stains, like rust from paint pots and some burn type marks. We have tried absolutely everything to get rid of them, including that blue acid stuff that you have to wear gloves for (neat), all that...
  2. N

    Fibre glass v tiled.

    Please dont get too excited for us, we are still in the same position regarding solicitors, rogue Emlak's and court procedings etc.... but ......... I can dream and today I've let my mind wonder a bit, to think of what might someday be a reality so i've been thinking of swimming pools and the...
  3. Marc

    Swimming pool is being tiled

    Walked through today with the kids and the swimming pool is being tiled and one house has been painted on the outside, cream.
  4. C

    Preformed v Tiled

    Has anyone any views on either preformed or tiled pools either for or against, we are having a preformed one but I am having a few niggling doubts as to whether it is the right one. I understand these can not be emptied, I dont know the life expectancy either. I would welcome any views or...
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