1. IbrahimAbi

    Ticks, warning

    This year there seems to be a proliferation of ticks (kene in Turkish) in Turkey. In our area we blame the warm winter. Even in our field which is closed to animals we have found a huge number. they can be carried by tortoises and hedgehogs too. We have removed every hedgehog (put them in an...
  2. F

    caution ticks

    please beware if out walking in open fields etc my dog and cat have both had ticks on them in the last week... if you do happen to get bitten seek medical advice immediatley as they can give you lyme disease...
  3. F

    caution ticks

    please take extra care when walking around any open areas as my dog and cat have both had ticks on them in the last week... if you do happen to get bitten by a tick please seek medical advice immediatley as these things can cause lyme disease
  4. KKOB

    Ticks, Fleas and other Nasties

    Just a quick reminder that the Tick and Flea season will be starting soon and that it's time to get your pets dosed with Frontline or similar and / or fitted with flea collars. There are a number of eBay sellers with some good deals on multi-packs of flea collars. If you do buy a multi-pack...
  5. N


    Ticks / Fleas We currently use Frontline Spot On for Jasper but its quite expensive just wondering what everyone else uses ? - as we need to go to the vets and pick up some more as he is due next week thanks
  6. cokdeli


    I wasn't sure where to post this so if it is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it. My husband seems to be getting himself into a bit of state about these ticks that are biting. The disease they carry is called Crimean-Congo hemorraghic fever. It seems to be claiming lives all over...
  7. suzyq

    Killer Ticks

    Its been a while since I last posted due to moving, but now back on line. I was reading in the paper that the province of Samsun is now listed as one of the top areas where you are likely, if bitten by a tick, to contract Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever. I think is due to 2 people who died...
  8. KKOB


    Now that the "Tick Season" is well and truly underway, here's a short piece from the Daily Mail of 11th April 2008 The life and times of a tick •Ticks are arthropods. Small black relatives of spiders, they feed only on liquids. •They have acute senses which can detect the odour of a large...
  9. merlin

    Stay alert for ticks....

    If you're planning a camping or walking holiday in Europe this summer then watch your step through the undergrowth. A new 'Tick Alert' disease awareness campaign has been launched by MASTA (Minding Your Health Abroad) to raise awareness of Tick Borne Encephalitis (TBE) in 16 European countries...
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