1. rosewall1

    Tick disease on dogs Beware

    Our dog just didn't seem right, we thought that she was broody, listless, off her food except she wanted raw liver, panting, stiff joints. Took her to the vets and they could not find anything wrong with her by just an ordinary examination, temperature up a little but within the acceptable...
  2. B

    Tick in the box

    I have my tapu and habitation the box is ticked in the middle,now do i need to get that changed to left box kat mulkiyeti,i have been told suspended for 2 years,70% dont have habitation,what is the current position on this,some proper info on this matter and what the law is on this point
  3. carolk

    Getting the tick in the right box - Kat Mulkiyeti.

    We have had a number of people visit our office just recently asking about how/what they need to do to change from Kat Irtifaki to Kat Mulkiyeti so, Gokhan paid a visit to the Bureau to get the exact information. This is our latest information from the Takim Buroso as of 19/10/09. You must...
  4. kaplumba

    Tick borne encephalitis

    Just wondering if anyone has been given the same information as my friend. We are taking her son to Turkey in July and she took him off to the doctor for some jabs. While they were there she was told that this year there is a particularly big out break of this disease and that it was most...
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