1. bal canavar

    THY answer to Germanwing's problem

    THY airlines CEO answer to the fatal aircrash allegedly caused due to the Pilot's depression, is that if he had been married it may not have happened . The CEO has said to new pilots of Turkey’s flag carrier "that the Germanwings crash showed the importance of pilots’ “lifestyles.” "...
  2. Y

    Thy airlines excess baggage booking

    Can anyone explain how to book excess baggage on a thy airlines flight that is already booked . I have been shopping on my hols and have 20 kilos over my baggage allowance . I thought it would be less expensive to pre book the excess luggage on line a couple of days beforemy return flight...
  3. Mag

    Producing Credit Card when boarding THY Flight.

    I have read on the THY website that you must also produce the credit card used to purchase your flight ticket on-line, when boarding the flight. My problem is that I have also booked my husband's ticket with the same card, but he is not travelling out until 2 weeks after me, and I will have the...
  4. Özay

    THY Bargains from London £121 return

    On for various dates in Summer from London Gatwick to Ist £121 return Lon Gatwick- BJV return £135 will go very quickly
  5. R

    Possible scam THY email ..

    Hi All, Has anyone else been getting the following email over the past few days. I have been on THY site looking at flights recently but not booked anything. Has to be a scam of some sorts but a new one on me. Or does anyone know better ? From: "Turkish Airlines"...
  6. Özay

    THY New Uniforms

    THY New Uniforms Causes Controversy ‘New' Turkish Airlines flight attendant uniforms spark controversy The new uniforms of Turkish Airlines (THY) hosts and hostesses have raised eyebrows in Turkey after the photos of the new designs have leaked to Twitter, as daily Hurriyet reports. The...
  7. I

    THY strike

    About 100 flights were cancelled from Istanbul Ataturk airporr yesterday due to the government trying to make strikes in the aviation industry illegal. Have sympathy for the strikers but hope my Thursday flight won't be affected.
  8. E

    THY call centre blues

    THY ticket agent made a mistake AGAIN with my ticket:( Last year they mis-spelled my name and I had to fight to get the ticket reissued with it spelled correctly. This time the agent misheard and booked me in December instead of November. This is mostly due to the AWFUL quality of main of the...
  9. culturevulture

    Thy Miles and Smiles baggage allowance and Izmir airport

    I recently got my airline ticket from Thy Airlines, using my Miles and Smiles points. On receipt of my e-ticket, I discovered that the baggage allowance is not the usual 30kgs, but is only 20kgs, as per the rules of the Miles and Smiles issue. I am travelling from Izmir to Dublin via Istanbul...
  10. culturevulture

    THY offer.......

    Offer DetailTurkish Airlines - TK - International Home Page Mary.
  11. ceemac

    Barcelona stars appear in new THY advertisement

    A new Turkish Airlines (THY) advertisement scheduled for worldwide broadcast on April 15 stars members of the world-renowned Barcelona soccer team, including Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Carles Puyol. Here C
  12. ZiaCa'

    Easter Flight Prices - TC, EJ etc v THY!

    I wonder how the likes of Thomas Cook and Easyjet can justify their prices over the Easter hols being higher than a scheduled airline such as Turkish Airlines, bearing in mind that luggage, food, seat selection are all extra with these airlines too! Week beginning 5th April - flights from GTW...
  13. ceemac

    Get Thy Hands Off.....

    Using people’s wireless Internet without permission is inappropriate in terms of religion, according to the mufti for the Görele district in Giresun province in Turkey’s Black Sea region. Here C ps Hope you're reading this Gail :lol:
  14. KKOB

    THY Starting Stansted to Sabiha Gökçen Route

    Just seen a Turkish Airlines advertisement saying "Our daily flights from London Stansted to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen will commence on 9th November 2009." They're also laying-on free tours of Istanbul for transit passengers arriving at Ataturk Airport. For further details, have a look at their...
  15. ZiaCa'

    THY One Way Award Tickets

    THY Airmiles can now be redeemed against one-way tickets. I don't know when this services started, but thought I'd post this as previously airmiles could only be used for return trips.
  16. KKOB

    THY Weathering The Doldrums

    Turkish Airlines, or THY, has made serious purchases from both Boeing and Airbus. The two manufacturers were able to breathe during their most distressful times thanks to THY. Effects of crisis in the skies - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  17. D

    Anyone flying THY from Dublin 26th or 27th July?

    Hi all, is anyone flying Turkish Airlines from Dublin via Istanbul on above dates???? Cheers in advance..... Cancel Query, as I was hoping my Father in law could walk from one terminal to the next with someone: Ok all, my panic over. Just got an email from Turkish Airlines, you may be...
  18. G

    Last Day for THY Heathrow to Antalya Promotion

    Just noticed this on the THY Website. Special promotional fare Heathrow to Antalya GB£95 return (not including taxes and charges). Offer ends today. Last date for outbound travel 31st May. Looks like a good price. Special Offers Promotional fares from London to Istanbul and Antalya...
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