1. butt007

    Thunder and Lightning

    Wow, just had a tremendous thunderstorm here in Konakli whilst watching "upstairs, downstairs" and the rain just belted down, lovely and cool now though 76deg on the balcony. Of course the leccy went off for 1 hour as is usual when we have a storm...thank god we have a generator...
  2. beyazbayan

    Celtic Thunder

    Caledonia please someone load for me. Love a man in a kilt or as Hubbys said to a Scot ''Why do you wear the man skirt''
  3. Helenm150

    Thunder storm

    The thunder storm that was forecast for today has finally arrived - thunder, lightning, heavy rain and power cut .........
  4. SuperBogs

    2008 Ford Ranger Thunder 4X4

    As I plan on leaving in the next few months I need to sell my truck. It's a 2008 Ford Ranger Thunder 4X4. 2.5 L Diesel, 4 door, 5 spd manual, black leather interior, silver exterior. AM/FM 6 CD 6 speaker sound system. Strong A/C. It's basically like a brand new truck. Very nice truck and I have...
  5. shirleyanntr

    are you afraid of thunder

    im asking because its deafening here at the moment(Alanya) im jumping out of my skin. the lights are off and on like a display..thank goodness the apartments have a generator. i read somewhere that you count between the thunder and the lightning and under 5 the storm is right this...
  6. Dalaman Deli

    Hailstones and Thunder Storms

    We are right in the middle of a cracking thunder and hail storm. The noise from one crack of thunder was so loud I nearly wet myself! :animation
  7. C

    swimming pool and thunder storm

    Hi Mick, It is a bit difficult to answer your question on the price of our pool as we had the following included: Extra water storage tank, Balcony needed taking down and rebuilding to accommodate the pool, Patio area round the pool, Tiled steps into pool. Carl said there is a variation in...
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