1. S


    Dear Santa/Mushtaq For 2017 can we please bring back the thumbs buttons. I cannot remember if I was for or against them when they were dumped but I think they should now make a return We could blame the EU/migrants for their removal and now with Brexit due this would be a timely return Thanks
  2. Yalides

    Thumbs Lots of new members so time for a new poll ?
  3. Mushtaq

    Thumbs are no more

    I have finally given in and disabled the Thumbs facility, recently it's caused a lot of problems as it's been abused and not used in the way it was intended. Apologies to the members who used and wanted to keep it (myself included), but I think it's causing more problems than needed.
  4. shirleyanntr

    Merry xmas to Red Thumbs and Green thumbs

    all the very best those (seven) who (wrongly) red thumbed me :100pd: and the same best to those (thousands) who rightfully gave me a thumbs up :50: Merry Christmas
  5. Yildez Datca

    Thumbs up for SGK!

    I had to go to Datca Hospital to see a doctor this morning. I took a bit of finding in the system initially, but didn't have to wait at all. Saw the Doc who spoke excellent English and confirmed my fear that I had Shingles (Zona in Turkish). Took the prescription to the chemist and received...
  6. kemerkid

    The Thumbs have it.

    The facility that was introduced earlier this year seems to be an annoyance to some members, particularly shall we say more senior members. For myself I have to say I'm not concerned one way or the other and have little use for them. If it displayed my username when activated I might sometimes...
  7. arrian

    Thumbs down??

    i have sometimes read posts that i have found useful or amusing or interesting, but have not wished to make a comment on, usually because it's from a distant post that i have no understanding of, or, as in the case of computer info, it has been something that has interested me for the future. in...
  8. L

    Thumbs down for Turkey

    According to this newspaper (The Gulf Times) report its not looking good for Turkey joining the EU. Article can be read HERE
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