1. S

    Threat to president

    Intelligence warns of assassination attempt against Turkey's Erdogan - Xinhua |
  2. U

    massive computer threat

    Global microchip flaw much worse than feared and could affect billions of devices including phones
  3. suzyq

    Is Ephesus under threat?

    Again, another long article including pictures. Don't know if building a new canal and a new airport for light planes is going to be a good thing? Canal project threatens ancient Ephesus in western Turkey
  4. Spurs

    New threat?

    The arms embargo is being lifted from Libya, because its a "new threat" concerning ISIL. I don't know what's new about it, its been going on foor months.
  5. suzyq

    Israel urges citizens to leave Turkey, cites ISIL threat

    Israel urged its citizens in Turkey on March 28 to leave "as soon as possible" in an upgraded travel advisory predicting possible follow-up attacks to the March 19 suicide bombing in Istanbul by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Three Israeli tourists and an Iranian were killed...
  6. V

    Turkish Airlines bomb threat

    A Turkish Airlines plane bound for Istanbul from the USA has been diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland after a handwritten bomb threat was found on bound. All passengers and crew were disembarked safely. Turkish Airlines flight lands in Ireland after handwritten bomb found | Daily Mail Online
  7. T

    Social Housing UK Under Tory Threat!

    The posh boys just can't help themselves, Barstewards! Busy promoting building 'Affordable Housing' with the bonus to those in that fortunate position with the added bonus of tax payers money being used to provide 'Help to Buy Schemes' on offer - What % of our youngsters can even dream of...
  8. bal canavar

    ISIL issues threat to Turkey

    There NATO partners have asked the Government of Turkey to show more willing in clamping down on ISIL groups operating in Turkey and on web sites . Which under pressure they have been doing with raids all over the country . But now the threats. ISIL issues threat to Turkey over recent...
  9. IbrahimAbi

    Snowmen threat to moraity

    Can we get any madder? Apparently they cause lustiness and eroticism
  10. Spurs

    Canada threat

    It don't get any better does it? Yes we know its only a small percentage but we don't know who they are & that's the problem. BBC News - Shots fired inside Canada parliament
  11. T

    Threat Level Raised For British Police Amid Concerns Over ISIS And British Jihadists

    The terror threat level to police officers and staff has been raised with forces across the UK warned to remain vigilant. Counter-terrorism chief Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said officers and staff must be "alert to any possible dangers" as correspondence warning of the risks was sent...
  12. Mushtaq

    Christian Bakery facing court threat over Gay Marriage Cake

    A Christian-run bakery is facing legal action from a Government agency for refusing to produce a cake carrying a picture of the Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie and the slogan “support gay marriage”. Ashers Baking Co, based in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, cancelled an order for a...
  13. U

    Are radical Christians a threat

    800 Baby Skeletons Found in Mass Grave at Irish Home for Unwed Mothers We seem to be quick to pounce on the perceived evils of Islam and Muslims. In the interest of fair play, here we have a gang of nuns in County Galway tossing the bodies of babes that died of starvation and maltreatment in...
  14. T

    hospitals under threat of closure

    Without any vote or consultation the UK Government are talking about passing a law so they can close hospitals. Of course the land the hospitals are on is a very valuable asset paid for out of public funds. :27:
  15. JBK44

    Eiffel Tower completely evacuated after bomb threat alert

    I do hope this is not the recent high alerts were about:- Breaking: Eiffel Tower completely evacuated after bomb threat alert - Europe - World - The Independent
  16. B

    Possible Israeli threat to Iran.

    Israel's trigger finger grows itchy over the nuclear threat from Iran - Telegraph I think we must all hope that Israel does not carry out any threat to attack Iran. This could provoke strife far beyond the Middle East...
  17. A

    US threat: Russia and China will 'pay price' for supporting Assad

    Russia rejects in the strongest possible terms allegations that it supports President Assad in the Syrian conflict. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Moscow and Beijing must 'pay a price' for backing Assad. “I do not believe that Russia and China are paying any price at all – nothing at...
  18. shirleyanntr

    theatres under threat

    There's a new move by Mr Erdoğan to take away state funding for theatres. This move is being linked by some to last years spat when the PM's daughter accused an actor of humiliating her during a performance. whatever the reason the rhetoric used by Mr Erdoğan does him no favours and exposes...
  19. F

    Threat of nuclear war in the middle east

    Been watching all kinds of news channels today, from all around the world. Chaos every where, iran on the brink of producing nuclear weapons, israel and u.s. Concerned, russia and china likely to support iran in the face of any threat from the west, one analyst predicting world war three, can...
  20. teosgirl

    Israel nuclear threat

    Israel is a nuclear threat to region, says Turkish Prime Minister - Hurriyet Daily News Interesting to read the latest developments between Turkey-Israel relations. I guess we're unlikely to see any olive branches any time soon. Charlotte
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