1. kody

    Is it time to put Coronavirus threads together?

    Kanga asked "Is it time to put Coronavirus threads together?", I think yes, what do other members think? The down side would be the size but new posts would be in one place at least.
  2. Jaycey

    Subscribed Threads

    Normally when you subscribe to a thread you get an email notification when a new post is made on that thread. I’m not getting any notification – is anyone else having this glitch or have my gremlins been busy again?
  3. S

    Juicy threads

    Flicking back through recent months threads cannot find anything really juicy, you know with a bit of cut n thrust etc- comparing laxatives and Migros cat food vouchers are OK subjects but not " bitey"- any recommendations for old style burning debate type threads???
  4. C

    Haberdashery ,wool , threads in Bodrum yalikavak turgetreis ?

    Hi Anyone know of any good haberdashery shops in any of these places , Bodrum , Turgetreis ,Yalikavak, or any recommendations for areas close to these . Looking specifically for crochet and embroidery threads and trimmings like ribbons and wool ect . The shop i visited previously has now...
  5. M

    Threads not on View

    Up to yesterday, when hovering over a thread, a small window opened for a few seconds showing the start of the post. Now this is not working. Anyone know why? Maisie
  6. Akasya

    Closed threads , deleted posts

    This forum is free to all users , mods are unpaid volunteers , acting in the " best interests " of the board. It must be soul destroying having to patrol our posts , after a short while it must be so repetitive and in many cases so predictable. None of us have any rights , the owner , Mushtaq...
  7. Yalides

    TLF threads

    Was reading comments on Facebook that TLF was becoming very non-Turkish and there are too many UK based or political threads. That may be so but its up to you members to bring it back on track if thats what you think. No use whinging about it and then sitting back and waiting for someone else to...
  8. Jaycey

    Most boring threads

    Well, we’ve got a new thread ‘Boring TV Sports’ so how about this one? – I’m not going to win any friends here but, just for a start … - What music are you listening to now? - Weather where you are - What did you have tonight? Hardly thought provoking cut and thrust debatable stuff – it’s...
  9. yalimart

    Missing Posts and threads

    You have noticed that all threads and posts that were made between 11.00 am and about midnight have disappeared, this is probably due to the server change yesterday and the admin will be looking into it today. No need to report anything ! Martin
  10. G

    Closing Threads

    I do wish that certain TLF members and the Mods in particular would get a better grasp of the English language. A post was closed this morning, one remark in particular was by Saoirse, if the Members and Mods had read his remark carefully they would clearly have seen several exclamation marks...
  11. Mushroom

    Closed threads - favouritism ??

    After a particularly pathetic attempt at trying to divert blame for misguided comments started to go wrong, I noticed, as did others, that Bob (Northpole) succesfully requested that a thread regarding "Agents" in which he wrongly made certain accusations, was closed. Soon afterwards, it was...
  12. captain

    Please ban all non-Turkish threads

    Please ban all non Turkish related threads from TLF. Yet again we have everybody bickering, backstabbing and name-calling over threads which have nothing to do with Turkey or Turkish living. I joined TLF to get and give information about Turkish Living - not to get involved in political...
  13. Mushtaq

    Should we stop Irish/British threads?

    It seem that no thread can escape Irish/British arguments, even when the thread has nothing to do with them. We have a select group who like to direct conversations/arguments into provocations which are eagerly taken up and then it just goes downhill as expected. Few members have suggested...
  14. karios

    Close Threads why ?

    Why do some moderators close topics just because people seems to be having an adult row, its interesting to read other peoples view even if we don't agree with them. So come on moderators let treads run unless they are insulting to an individual. If and when the tread has run its course by no...
  15. B

    Rude responses to threads

    Is it just me or does anyone else experience sarcastic/dry dry responses from some people on here? Is it their inexperience in using the web or is it their clear ignorance in communicating?..... look forward to all responses....and who may even make people look at how they write...
  16. G

    Dear Mods, duplicate threads

    we seem to specialising in duplicate threads at the moment, Nationwide charges, 90/180 day visas and lots of doggies. Can atleast the first two be joined together?
  17. Andy

    Bumping of Threads

    The Bumping of Threads is against Forum Rules. :hmm: Anyone Member posting just to bring their Thread to the top will have it deleted. And for New Members we have a strict policy not to double post until your thread goes from the front page. If in doubt then please re-read the Forum rules as...
  18. bobthenob

    Troubled Threads

    What threads do the members find more interesting.My main concern is when a thread is opened on issues about the corruption here in Turkey,l seem to be accused of stirring up trouble and given a bad rep. Do you find the non related issues about Turkey more appealing and less offensive. Or the...
  19. arrian

    threads today

    just going through the threads and had to chuckle: universal health didim state hospital when you die funeral music is there a theme here?!! lol (just seen therapy think we're all going to need that one, haha!)
  20. Lindacm

    Mixing topics in threads.

    A good point made by Jewel is that there are different topics on threads, which is becoming confusing. Might I suggest that if your post goes off topic...and it seems easy to do so in this sub-forum (lol), then would you kindly start a new thread as things are getting a little mixed. Thanks...
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