1. djbaxter

    Info How To Post a Reply to Another Member's Post in a Thread

    After reading one or more posts in a thread, you want to post your own reply to the thread or to a particular post in that thread. To reply to a specific post, you can do one of two things: Find the post you want to reply to and click on the Reply link at the lower right of the post. This will...
  2. Yalides

    Yalides cool car thread

    Oooh bitch, sold all our properties last year Rob, money in the bank, best place for it. Mind you, wife spending it, came home with a new car today....
  3. TNT123

    Mıssıng Gerry Adams Thread

    Fırst let me say,I have no ıdea where to post thıs thread, so I put ıt up here.Mods move ıt ıf you so wısh. There was a thread about Gerry Adams beıng a ınformer, but I cant fınd ıt, as I read through ıt quıckly then went out, came back and ıt ıs gone.Now I know all thıngs Irish ıs a touchy...
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Sacked Managers thread

    I think we need this thread to be up-to-date with the latest outings:- Biliç out at West Ham Slaven Bilic: West Ham sack manager with team in the relegation zone - BBC Sport
  5. Akasya

    The Off topic thread

    How about , in the padded room we have an off topic thread , where a no holds barred look at life on TLF holds sway. Legal , honest , no overt abuse , and nothing to alarm new members who have not joined the Padded Room . Do your worst . From behind the sofa..... Steve
  6. S

    Daily Gripe Thread

    Thought I would start a gripe thread As we get older there seem to be things both little and big which really grind our gears. I used to be quite chilled but as I get older more and more things pee me off Today despite it being 35 degrees and humidity beyond the inside of a microwave boiling...
  7. croftj

    Missing Thread

    I started a thread called Keyboard Warrior last night but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared :hmm: Can any of the mods shed any light on this?
  8. Yalides

    And another benefits thread.....

    Benefits Britain mother who rakes in £20k in dole a year criticises system | Daily Mail Online Quite right too. How is one expected to keep one`s swimming pool working whilst aid is wasted abroad ? :angry:
  9. HelenSnowball

    Posting pictures in a thread

    Can anyone help please? I'm trying to upload a picture and I've followed the instructions in FAQ, so I think the picture is there, but in the thread where I want to put the picture, I don't get anything on the attachments bit when I try to do a new post. Then, when I go back to where I think...
  10. S

    Thread titles

    As I can't be arsed reading through entire threads anymore I now just skim through thread titles to get the gist of whats happening on Tlf It would appear that a smoking dolphin driving a large van ruined someones holiday preventing them getting medical insurance
  11. S

    Chat thread

    Very few use the chatroom so if people maybe just wanna have a yarn heres a chat thread!!!! Headroom, how's things going???
  12. Akasya

    Go to first new post I'm closing this thread...

    There is a whole lot of closing going on. Funny how it is centred around certain subjects ! Steve. Yeah i know what you gonna do now.
  13. Akasya

    I'm closing this thread as it's gone off topic.

    Re the Linekers Bar thread My apologies for moving the thread along Mushtaq. As Kanga's post had been allowed to remain i had hoped that my reply would be treated likewise. Your forum Mushatq , to do with as you see fit. No argument from me. Respectfully , Steve.
  14. B

    Wi Fi Thread

    I read a thread on TLF recently regarding obtaining free Wi Fi around the house, in which it stated to contact the person and they would send you info on how to obtain this. Unfortunately, I cannot find the thread, but PLease I would like you to send me this information as soon as possible...
  15. E

    missing artev thread

    what happoened the recent artev thread ? all posts removed and its gone,why ?
  16. S

    Another thread on inheritance

    Hi, I know, yet another inheritance thread, I promise I have read a lot of threads on this forum regarding Turkish law and wills, and to be honest I am left a little confused. My wife and I bought a apartment in Turkey about 7 years ago and never even thought about having a Turkish will drawn...
  17. mollag

    Technology, good or bad? [ a not boring thread]

    Are you fed up with trying to keep up with technology, do you pine for 45's and tellies that needing warming up or do you embrace the whole new religion that technology has become, discuss while I put a new ribbon on this Olympia compact.;) Anyone who would recommend the paperless environment...
  18. M

    Unable to access a thread

    Below is the message I receive when I try to open the "Anyone know Enver" thread: Marggie, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone...
  19. mollag

    A happy visa thread

    Who knows, this could save a lot of forum space if it happens :95im: Turkish government’s efforts to ease the residence permit issue for foreigners are ongoing, Deputy Prime Minister Babacan said, adding the government expect to announce the outcome of the studies in a few weeks. The Turkish...
  20. R

    Another overstayed visa thread but... specific question is(since I haven't really been able to get the info from any of the other threads), does the fine have to be paid upon leaving Turkey? And if so, let's say I wasn't able to, what could I be looking at? Deportation, jail...? Thank you for your help and time kind folks!
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