1. suzyq

    Tens of Thousands Rally Against Terror

    Tens of thousands of people from across Turkey flocked into downtown Ankara on Sept. 17 to condemn terrorism and display solidarity, with the organizers of the mass rally particularly putting emphasis on the unity of the nation. Tens of thousands rally against ?terror? - LOCAL
  2. bickern

    Pope Francis warns THOUSANDS of priests are paedophiles

    POPE Francis has reportedly said today that thousands of priests in the Catholic Church are paedophiles and described the child abuse as "leprosy". The Pontif allegedly said it was infecting the "house" of Catholicism and that reliable data showed one in every 50 clergy members are paedophiles...
  3. suzyq

    When a ‘Turkish Passport’ saved thousands of lives

    I never knew about this until I read this article. What a wonderful true story. “Turkish Passport” is an unusual story about the Holocaust; it is unusual simply by having the word “Turkish” in its title, since Turkey was a neutral country during WW II. The documentary, directed by former...
  4. Squeaky

    New limits on period of arrest could release thousands of Turkish suspects

    Good morning: Accused murderers and others are applying for release from prison following newly implemented changes to the criminal code that limit the amount of time suspects can remain under arrest prior to conviction. New limits on period of arrest could release thousands of Turkish suspects...
  5. bickern

    The great switch off: Thousands of speed cameras set to be scrapped

    Britain’s network of 6,000 speed cameras could be dramatically reduced after a raft of councils looked set to follow Oxfordshire’s move and switch theirs off. The county’s entire network of 72 cameras will be switched off at midnight tonight after the coalition Government pulled the plug on...
  6. suzyq

    Thousands of Brits stranded abroad are told 'pay cash'

    British holidaymakers abroad spoke of their fury last night after their tour operator went bust – and hotel staff demanded they pay cash up front for their rooms or leave. Package firm Goldtrail Travel went into administration on Friday afternoon causing panic among its 16,000 customers in...
  7. ceemac

    Istanbul Marks April Fools' Day With Thousands Of Smiley Balloons

    Istanbul's famous Taksim Square turned pink as thousands of smiley balloons fell from the sky to mark April Fools' Day. The most humorous day of the year was celebrated with 100 thousand balloons which were inflated by more than 200 hundreds volunteers. Here C
  8. Squeaky

    Tax residency ruling leaves thousands exposed

    Good morning: Something new for ex-pats who have not been paying UK taxes to worry about - Entrepreneur faces £30m tax demand after residency ruling leaves thousands exposed - Times Online The Court of Appeal ruled that Robert Gaines-Cooper was liable to pay UK tax despite spending less than...
  9. SuperBogs

    Thousands of people flock to B.C. website to watch bald eagle eggs hatch

    By Sunny Dhillon, The Canadian Press VANCOUVER, B.C. - The critters inside the eggs, mere days, if not hours from hatching, aren't the only ones with eagle eyes. Thousands of people from around the world are flocking to the website for B.C.-based Hancock Wildlife Foundation to watch live...
  10. J

    A Thousands Pardons & A Million Thanks Yous To...

    :dooh: Gail and everyone who has helped us on this forum! :25: Our old PC broke, and we had to buy a new once, hence the delay in posting. Firstly, Gail - 'A Thousand Pardons', for not being able to meet you in July. We had a HUUUUUUUUUGE hiccup and spent the first week literally cleaning...
  11. P

    Save thousands on a new leather sofa!

    OK, this is more of a warning than a money saving tip. We bought our leather sofa from Land of Leather and intended to pay for it outright, however at the time we cant remember if we chose to or was pressured into taking out 'nothing to pay for a year' offer. Anyhow, we intended to pay well...
  12. Acamas

    Lost thousands!!

    Seems like I, along with others, just got screwed by a crooked realtor and lost everything. More details when possible. Be careful out there!
  13. merlin

    Airline ban affects thousands of tourists....

    Some eight thousand Dutch people were stuck in Turkey Thursday after authorities in The Hague grounded a Turkish air company because of fears about the airworthiness of its planes. Esat Aksak, a spokesman for the Turkish airline in question Onur Air, said it would do everything possible to...
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