1. L

    Turkish company buying into Thomas Cook

    Time to re-invest in Thomas Cook?
  2. yalimart

    Thomas Cook

    Things are looking less than rosy for TC. Martin
  3. C

    Thomas cook flight Bodrum to Manchester, cancelled

    Anybody on the Thomas Cook flight back from Bodrum to Manchester Saturday night - Sunday morning, cancelled until 4pm the next day. No information given and around 300 people put up in hotels. Whats happening with Thomas Cook?
  4. G

    Thomas cook - Antalya

    Hi all, I received an email from Thomas Cook today informing me that my flight from Stansted to Antalya in July has been cancelled. When I have tried to look for flights from Stansted to Antalya, only Pegasus is showing up. I'm in the states at the moment and am unable to find anything out...
  5. K

    Thomas Cook return flight

    Hi, I booked a return flight with TC outbound 13th March return 20th March, Stansted to Antalya,unfortunately I missed my outbound flight but came with Pegasus next day one way, my question is will my return flight still be alright. I have tried TC live chat line but was told to contact TC on...
  6. Philogic

    Thomas Cook, Cardiff to Antalya

    Last week I could get a flight from Cardiff to Antalya in June for around £150. Today there are no flights available from Cardiff to Antalya for the entire season.Why do TC make it so difficult to ask a question? How do I get the timetables? Does anyone from TC read this forum? Does anyone have...
  7. K

    Thomas Cook flight cancellation

    Surprise, surprise, Thomas Cook have cancelled our February flight back from Dalaman. As I booked both legs of the journey on one booking, I don't know if I can continue with the flight out in December, or if I have to apply for a refund for both and start again. Most annoying! I've sent TC an...
  8. bodrumsjh

    Thomas Cook

    For the first time in many years, it looks like we will not be able to fly Thomas Cook from Bristol to Bodrum. In December, I normally book flights for May and September. This year, trying to book online via comes up with 'no flights available' and on Bristol airport's...
  9. M

    "A Christmas Ghost Story" by Thomas Hardy

    South of the Line, inland from far Durban, A mouldering soldier lies--your countryman. Awry and doubled up are his gray bones, And on the breeze his puzzled phantom moans Nightly to clear Canopus: "I would know By whom and when the All-Earth-gladdening Law Of Peace, brought in by that Man...
  10. Sweetnighter

    Thomas Cook-Winter Flights to Dalaman

    Recently received this information.. Cheap flights to Dalaman, Turkey - Thomas Cook Airlines .
  11. tomc1984

    Thomas Cook compensation

    Not sure if this relevant to anyone, but a friend has recently successfully claimed 400 Euros compensation for a delayed flight from Bodrum to Newcastle on 31st. October 2010 which resulted in an overnight hotel stay in Milas, after an EU court ruling. We were on the same flight and as such have...
  12. C

    Thomas cook baggage allowance

    Hi all. I was thinking of booking a flight back to the UK for a week from bodrum,on the Thomas cook website it says 15kgs hold baggage,that is enough for me,I was just wondering is there a fee for this whilst booking the ticket on line ? I didn't want to go through the process of booking my...
  13. bickern

    Two free flights to Humberside on Monday, 23rd June with Thomas Cook.

    Two free flights to Humberside on Monday, 23rd June with Thomas Cook. It leaves at 6.10 a.m. from Dalaman and arrives 8.35 a.m. Anyone interested just needs to change the names on the tickets for a small sum. PM me for details.
  14. Sweetnighter

    Thomas Cook Summer 2015 Schedule

    Thomas Cook have just released their Summer 2015 schedule.
  15. B

    Thomas Cook Does Lightning Strike Twice!!!!

    On the 10th October I flew out to Antalya with Thomas Cook from LGW. Flight delay 6hours 55minutes. This was due to a technical fault. If your flight is delayed between 2 and 4hours you will be offered meals and refreshment and two phone calls. We were offered £10 voucher. If however the delay...
  16. beyazbayan

    İncreased charges Thomas Cook

    Have just booked and noticed they now charge luggage food seat etc seperately each way on a return flight which has lead to a considerable increase. Also you can have extra baggage allowance but look at the cost.
  17. val2661

    Thomas cook problem?

    I am trying to book 2 return flights to Antalya with Thomas Cook. If I enter 1 person the price comes up cheaper per person than if I enter two people. The difference is £20! Has anyone else experienced this? Val
  18. S

    More Thomas Crook woes

    Thomas Cook set to axe 2,500 jobs
  19. R

    Death on Thomas Cook flight

    Hi,, Not sure which forum is most appropriate for this. Last night we flew back to the UK from Dalaman airport-the flight was scheduled to take off at 1.30am this morning. Sadly a passenger died on route to Dalaman and the plane was diverted to Izmir to take off the body and complete the...
  20. Sunny Seasider

    Fernhill by Dylan Thomas

    Just sat and listened to poem of the week. Thought I would share as it is such a poignant poem about youth that's all too long gone and forgotten.
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