1. B

    Thinking of trying again......

    Hello, I have always had a love for Turkey since I first visited in 1990. Subsequently I bought two properties, one in Alanya and one in Turgutreis. The Alanya apartment was okay but the Turgutreis duplex was a major headache from the outset as the complex was never completed, the manager was...
  2. Camden

    Thinking of Australia Australia is facing an unprecedented national crisis, as bushfires tear through rural communities across the nation. Since September, at...
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Thinking of coming to Turkey?

    I wonder what advice our members can offer. I will start with a gentle one. Don't expect to be served hot food in a restaurant.
  4. M

    thinking of a 12 month rent

    hi chaps Im looking at retiring to turkey so am looking to get a 12 month rental on an apartment with a possible purchase. Does any one know any dependable rental agents? I am very tempted by the side homes website-any experience of this company??????
  5. W

    thinking of moving to Fethiye

    hello to everyone. we are a family of four and living in a town called "Tire" whis is 80 km. east of Izmir also my birthplace.just trying to settle down here with my family after living in Australia for 21 years. but since 8 months things went from bad to worse.big adjustment problems aspecially...
  6. M

    Thinking of moving to Dalyan, advice please

    Hi Everybody, Hope this finds you all well, this is for some advice please on moving to the Dalyan area of Turkey. We have found what we think is a well priced villa to rent for 12+ months to start, this will cost us 1300TL per month, so to us this is pretty cheap, not sure if it is or not...
  7. G

    Moving to Kirikkale - Thinking About a Small Motorcycle

    Anybody have any advice on Motorcycling in Turkey - are the drivers absolutely terrible and it's not recommended? I've been looking at the offerings from Mondial that are basically Chinese bikes with a local brand name on them. Any other motorcyclists on here?
  8. Ian2006

    Anyone in Dalyan thinking of moving to Fethiye?

    It's a long shot but we have a beautiful very large duplex in a great area of Calis (all paved roads, nice properties around us etc). We have it on sale (without really trying) for £79,000 and have rejected an offer of £75,000 in November as we were not ready to move and we were in the UK. We...
  9. Spurs

    Thinking of selling up?

    It looks like we are in for it here in the UK. Worth a read for those who are considering selling up in Turkey & moving back here. I think the plan is to turn all Brits into paupers so those in Eastern Europe can complain about us. BBC News - 'Colossal' spending cuts to come, warns IFS...
  10. T

    Thinking of Moving to Kusadasi

    Hi All, Just looking for a bit of general feedback on Kusadasi... Am thinking of moving over next year and was wondering what life is really like from a residence point of view rather than just holidaying... My hubbie is from Turkey so no bother to him, he has friends, work, family whereas I...
  11. Housemartins

    Thinking of moving to North Cyprus?

    I know that some people due to the RP process and requirements might be thinking about a move. But I do hope people get their RPs renewed as you want to be in Turkey. But if things go pear shape we have already made the move to Northern Cyprus from Turkey, so please feel free to ask questions...
  12. 5

    thinking of opening a british bar yes or no please

    hi to you all in altinkim/didim myself and a friend of mine both own apartments and we are seriously thinking about going into business together and open up a new bar from stratch just wondered what your thoughts are many thanks
  13. Z

    We are thinking of you my friend

    It's been two weeks now since we heard this totally terrible and tragic news, and my family are still in a state of shock and disbelief. We have searched every day for more information and hoped beyond hope that we would discover that it was either accidental or self defense, but we have found...
  14. M

    Thinking of Relocating to Altinkum

    Any advice would be welcome as I am thinking of moving to Altinkum from the UK. I am new to this forum and I would really like to meet new people and find out what the lifestyle in Altinkum is like for a British woman on her own. 😎:bigkiss: :eyeye: :307bt:
  15. Spurs

    Thinking of each other

    THINK OF EACH OTHER After doing about a week here in the UK it’s now time to “hit the road” & head back to Turkey. There has been one major observation that I have made since being here, how the men over 50 look? We have hit every (or it seems) supermarket going, most times I stay outside whilst...
  16. Y

    Thinking of buying a laptop computer

    I've only ever used the older type of PC. but now thinking of switching to a laptop, mainly because I would like to use it in different places around the apartment instead of being stuck in its own little 'office' (with no aircon!!) Main use would be internet. When I thought about buying one a...
  17. D

    advice required thinking of walking away

    7 years ago I purchased a property which at the time 60k.2 apartments actually and had them knocked into 1.lots and lots of problems since and no Tapu but now it's come to the point in time where I walk away or stump up another £7,500 in the off chance we may win in a court. 1. Should I walk...
  18. G

    Thinking of selling on Horizon Sky

    We have a two bed townhouse on phase 1 of the Horizon Sky development near Gulluck . We love it and wondered if the selling process was difficult? The site is not fully completed. GK:
  19. J

    Thinking of moving to the area

    Hi all, My turkish husband and I are contemplating a move out of Istanbul and into the Köyceğiz region. We visited some friends there at the end of the year, and just loved it, rain and all. We are kind of the "hippy" sort for lack of a better word (rock climbing, backpacking, yoga, natural...
  20. N

    We are thinking about moving to Izmir

    Hi, Me and my little family are planning a move to Izmir next summer. I was wondering about other peoples experiences about moving to Izmir and what it is like. Is there an area where a lot of overseas people live? Where me and the kids could make friends. What about jobs? What are the good...
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