1. S

    Chinese thieves brick problem!!!!!
  2. D

    Beware of thieves

    This morning at 5.50 am I disturbed my neighbours house from being broken into ,well actually they were in the house taking cash when I disturbed them . Cash was taken which was not in a secure place . In dalyan this is rare but acts a reminder to us all that opportunist are about trying...
  3. kemerkid

    Honesty among thieves.

    Come on own up, who’s got the £200,000,000 worth of diamonds stolen from 88-90 Hatton Garden today?
  4. suzyq

    Tales from thieves: Breaking and entering

    Most interesting quote in the article for me was When he got out, he began committing robberies with other thieves from the neighborhood in which he lived. They even head outside of İstanbul to carry out robberies. When I met up with Ü.K., he had just returned from Antalya. He said to me...
  5. butt007

    Side Thieves

    I was talking to two friends this morning and they told me about what happened on their visit to Side a few days ago. They were both walking through the big ruins near the carpark when they were approached by a man selling bead necklases. They waved him away not wanting anything but he insisted...
  6. Yalides


    Another friend and fellow TLFer has had their apartment broken into. Thankfully the scum got away with nothing. Other apartments with no security bars got done also. The tea leafs jemmied open doubled glazed windows as per picture. Security grills have to be worth the money if only for...
  7. S

    Keeping the thieves away

    Hi everyone, I've just heard there has been a daytime burglary at our complex in altinkum. I'm due to go out with my young son on monday but will be alone until my husband arrives a few days later, and I'm now extremely nervous and urgently require information on the best security grids for...
  8. B

    Thieves arrested in Datca Market

    Three women were arrested today in Datca market for stealing from a woman's handbag. We were warned by a friend who runs a jewellery pitch to take care of our belongings, along the market other stallholders were talking about the incident too. The women were described as 'Turkish', by the time...
  9. F


    Couldnt find right location for this ! But we have just been called by a neighbour to ask if we had seen anything suspicious as they have had all their washing stolen in the last hour this is in Turkkuyusu MH Bodrum so be on your gaurd in the Bodrum area the thief even took the time to change...
  10. M


    Today we went for coffee to some friends and then on for lunch, we were out about 4 hours, when we got home someone had stolen the two cushions from a cane settee that was in our front garden. Obviously the settee itself was not good enough for them as they had broken a piece off the front...
  11. Freedom 49

    Watch out, thieves about!

    It would appear that thieves are active around the Side area. One of our customer's home was broken into this last week, they're away in Britain at the moment but their builder came to us as he'd seen a broken shutter and window. After calling the customer, I went to the dublex with the...
  12. altinkum kev

    5 more thieves caught Altinkum

    Today i spotted a group of lads entering the gardens on a sitesi that is at the moment very quite as they are all holiday homes,i watched them for a short while when i noticed they were covering their faces before trying the house doors etc,i manged to get an old Turkish lady to call police...
  13. S

    Dalyan Thieves

    I went for a wee Xmas eve 1230 LUNCHTIME visit to this gorgeous and clean wee town-but was dissapointed on this occassion I went to the bar/restaurant opposite Migros (Jiki Bar? Jimi Bar?) We were the only 2 customers and had a coffee and a hot chocolate. There were 2 young male staff on...
  14. M

    Thieves About Again

    The house next door to us in Gumbet/Bitez was broken into last night, the owners were just out and returned home at 1am to find their home had been entered, jewellery and money were stolen. This is not a holiday home it is owned and lived in by Turkish people, they are very shocked. Police...
  15. J

    Benefit thieves beware !!

    Thought this might be amusing to most of you !!
  16. barry budd

    govenment thieves

    Would anyone on this forum employ or vote for A company to run their affairs to the best of there interest, if that company was personally £14million in debt. Would they also continue to employ them if they were caught stealing off their employers (the tax payer), paying them self’s vast sums of...
  17. A


    Our 5 month old Kangal was taken from our Garden this morning at about 7am. The thieves open the gate and he has disappeared. His answers to the name of SULI , he has not been spayed so has no ear tag. I will post a picture of him later. I am off to look for him now. He was taken from the...
  18. Lynda


    :( After 9 comfortable & safe years ( except for bag being stolen in Istanbul)I have had real upset this am. My apartment was broken into and all my jackets , handbag - with my life in it - id, credit cards etc etc my birthday pressies to me - an olympus camera & an ipod all gone :(The theif or...
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