1. mollag

    Russian Theft

    As if the Russians weren't responsible for most of the negative stuff, bad election results, bad sports results etc now the stinkers are stealing Magnetic North. Is there no end to their dastardly deeds ...
  2. S

    Hi tech car theft

    Extraordinary 'Relay crime' theft caught on camera - BBC News
  3. immac

    Turkish Database Theft

    Guardian reports theft and publication of "A database posted online allegedly contains the personal information of 49 million people on the Turkish citizenship database, potentially making more than half of the population of the country vulnerable to identity theft and massive privacy...
  4. Firefox

    Is It Theft or Not

    £3.50 = 6 months Jail London riots: Lidl water thief jailed for six months - Telegraph rigging the £3.5trillion = No Jail BBC News - Six banks fined £2.6bn by regulators over forex failings Why do some crimes make us more Angry then Others
  5. V

    ID theft warning

    Police in expat areas, including Dalyan, are investigating a new identity theft scam which involves opening fake mobile phone accounts with stolen passport details. A friend of ours who has been staying with us found today that his UK handset which he had been using for 3 years and officially...
  6. S

    Theft of Palestinian land

    Maps: Palestinian Loss Of Land 1946-2000
  7. D

    Washing-line theft?

    Am I the only one in Dalyan who has lost clothes from the washing-line overnight? Just this last week two lovely towels have gone and a pair of my trousers! I don't take my washing in at night all the time, especially sun-bed towels which are still damp. The dogs normally are a deterrent for...
  8. L


    Yet again we were burgled on the eve of 26th June, we have now put more security measures in place to prevent the thieves from getting in the villa. Just being informed that the Police have arrested an individual in Yalikavak , his fingerprints matched the the ones left in Olive Gardens , hope...
  9. B

    Theft from Memorials

    Any feelings on the scum who are stealing metal plaques from War Memorials, I'm afraid I dare not express my views on an open forum. Bill.
  10. Hotmama

    Have you seen this couple?

    I am posting this on behalf of two good friends of mine Carol White & Ismet Pala that run the Mavi Ay Otel in Adrasan, near Antalya. They are wanted for questioning by Police over the theft of 19,000TL at New year. The couple in question had spent quite a lot of time in the Kas area. But could...
  11. juco

    theft by finding

    I like the charge... "theft by finding" 'Theft by finding': Woman took thrown out Tesco waffles charged with stealing | Mail Online
  12. arrian

    Bare breasted theft!!

    Thieves use breasts to distract victim - Telegraph
  13. A

    Facebook identity theft

    Some scumbag has opened an account on facebook using the name Akbuk Rob. He has stolen a whole host of copyright photo’s from my website and published them as free to copy. He has sent invites to Akbuk locals pretending to be me. I imagine his next step will be to make malicious remarks to...
  14. ceemac

    Three Million Fall Victim To Mobiles Theft

    That's a lot of phones... Nearly three million Britons have had their phones stolen. And the worst place to be if you want to keep your phone is Sheffield, according to the survey from life assistance company CPP, with more than one in 10 residents having had their phones stolen. Here C
  15. ceemac

    UK Government Says Theft is a Lesser Crime Than Tax Evasion

    Did you know that in this country stealing personal data and then selling it on to profit from it is viewed as a lesser crime than avoiding taxation – I know it’s hard to believe but as you will see, it’s a fact! There’s a story doing the rounds about a French software engineer called Hervé...
  16. ceemac

    Macabre Theft of Body

    This is totally weird and may be connected to the Turkish/Greek divisions on the island. 'Politicians in the Republic of Cyprus have voiced outrage after thieves stole the corpse of former President Tassos Papadopoulos from his grave. His ex-rival and successor as president, Demetris...
  17. T

    Identity Theft

    Sorry to be a "killjoy" on your very useful forum but do you realise what some of you are doing? Some of you are giving out (on a easily accessible public forum) too much information about yourselves. For example some of you say where you live in the UK and that you have a holiday home in...
  18. B

    theft of residency

    I have recently had my handbag stolen with my passport and residency in it. I am told by police to get a copy of my residency I must pay 81 lire plus half of what I paid for it originally in this case half of two years. Has anyone else heard of this.
  19. R

    Car theft and bank robbery

    I got up this morning as usual - put the kettle on made the little one his breakfast, started feeding him whilst hubby moved the cars (I park behind him). Fed Coby, plonked him on the sofa to watch high five and popped my nose round the door to see what was taking hubby so long (he had been a...
  20. J


    A word of warning for everyone. Jane and I have just returned from Alanya, after what has turned out to be a very eventful last day. Whilst we slept, burglars boke into our apartment and stole Janes bag my wallet and various items of clothing. They woke me up when they got greedy and crept...
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