1. IbrahimAbi

    Theatre tickets

    Somethings have apparently been the same for thousands of years:- Theater tickets exist since 2,200 years in Turkey The nobs had to have special seating "In the excavations carried out at the 2,200 years old West Theater, we found 23 sitting steps in lower sections and 20 in upper sections,”...
  2. Billy Joe

    The Theatre of Nightmares.

    Old Trafford: Urgent inquiry demanded after bomb 'fiasco' - BBC Sport You couldn't make it up,they might even make it into a movie.
  3. Freedom 49

    Apollo Theatre Roof Falls in.

    Very fortunate that there is no loss of life, hope all the injured find a swift recovery and are able to put the trauma behind them. Extremely lucky in many respects as the emergency services were on the scene inside about 5 mins. That was according to the CNN reports I saw live last night...
  4. M

    Theatre for British&Turkish Chıldren:)

    Hi all, I have heard about that The District Security Directorate of Community Policing are organizing a theatre group for both Turkish & Brtish children whose ages are between 7-9.The aim is just to have a good realtionship between the two cultures' children.It is a good organization,if you...
  5. teosgirl

    oliver twist - theatre saturday 13th March

    There's a theatre show *musical* depicting Charles Dickens Oliver twist. It's at the Sabanci Kultur sarayi on the 13th, or at the E.U AKM konak on the 17, 21, 31 March. Telephone for tickets: AKM 0232 483 85 20 Sabanci 0232 441 90 09 GSM 0541 663 28 94 I'll be taking my girls along...
  6. T

    HiFi/Home theatre system shop?

    Hi, it´s me again :-) Does anyone know if there is a pretty well-assorted shop for home theatre systems, loudspeakers and such stuff in Alanya or nearby surroundings/towns? Not Metro, not TeknoSA in Alanyum, coz they are far from being even close to well-assorted, more like an at least...
  7. L

    Theatre in Side

    Can anyone tell me what events are currently going on at Side Amphitheatre.
  8. Andy

    Concerts or Theatre in Alanya

    There must be Open air Concerts and Theatre's in Alanya but can anyone tell me where they are. Do they have groups that play English music. Iv'e looked on the Alanya Forum and they don't seem to be mentioned. Thanks Andy
  9. shirleyanntr

    aspendos theatre

    while not ''off the beaten track'' aspendos antique city is well worth a visit. its theatre is world famous and a perfect example of a roman theatre. the original seating was for 15000. nowadays the audience can number up to 20,000. The acoustics are out of this world..the slightest whisper...
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