1. D

    Street theater of the absurd

    Street theater of the absurd | The Old Groaner "In a different cafe, here comes a guy with a varnished wooden box which he is opening to show potential customers its neatly arranged rows of teeth for sale! Not complete sets of grinning false teeth, but rows of individual, single teeth, varying...
  2. C

    Movie theater with English

    Hi all, I actually live in Alanya but my boyfriend is obsessed with watching the new spiderman movie (and batman when it comes out) and it is not showing in English in Alanya. My question is if anyone knows if spiderman is playing in a movie theater in Antalya. If yes, which theater? We would...
  3. Anfield

    KEF Speakers for Home Theater

    Has anyone tried or got the KEF KHT 3005 speaker package or the KEF Iq speakers, as I am trying to decide which ones to get. Or heard either of these two systems in the Hi Fi shops. Phil
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