1. T

    Thankyou and help

    Help I will be over in ALTINKUM in May to finalise the sale of my apartment. As I will need a translator could anybody recommend or point me in the direction of one (not to any point on compass Saorise) any suggestions would be appreciated Thankyou Whilst dealing with some delicate...
  2. B

    A Thank-you note to the Mayor

    Dear All members of the TLF and friends, Thankyou so much for your kind support in writing to the Mayor of Ilica. I heard yesterday that the majority of Iskans have now been issued on this project, 3 remaining, what an amazing result mostly due to the hard work of the management team at Ilica...
  3. Akasya

    Thankyou Guys

    Thanks to the Mods this morning for cleaning up once again , as volunteers you all have a real life to lead as well as this virtual one. So , good efforts , thanks very much you are appreciated. Steve.
  4. Pandora

    A Big Thankyou to Paws Kennels

    Thank you Phil and Sue for bringing our 2 rescue cats back to the UK on Sunday. Excellent service especially keeping us informed every step of the journey with photos when they got to Bulgaria. As you know we tried unsuccessfully to find these cats a home in Turkey but we couldn't leave them to...
  5. millilove76

    Thankyou TLF members

    I'm posting to say a BIG thankyou to the TLF members who've helped and supported me in my collections for the Syrian Refugees. When i started the thread i was hoping to collect about 50 teddy bears (if i was lucky) count, before the counting was given up on was 539 teddy bears!..there...
  6. D

    Big Thankyou to all who gave me advice on the dongle

    To all who told me how to set it up, I am eternally grateful to you. I am sitting in the comfort of my Turkish sitting room writing this and able to speak to my family and friends at home on Skype and Facebook etc without having to walk to the internet cafe, usually in the dark, which made me...
  7. Mojive

    I was Polite and said no thankyou!!!!!

    Why Ohhh Why will Jehovah Witnesess not take a No Thankyou as No Thankyou!!!!!! Just had them at my door they were here last Friday but I managed to miss them:behindsof: as I understand it they are trying to tell me I am going to this Paradise place (maybe) when I depart this soul...
  8. arrian

    Big "Thankyou" to all

    i would just like to say a big "Thankyou" to everyone who supported the idea of a Cancer Forum; not just Mushtaq, but all those TLF members who posted and voiced such positive thoughts. Thankyou, one and all!!! :pressie:
  9. arrian

    Andy/ thankyou button please??

    as you know, i've a thread running on here, but when i try to thank people for their replies, i keep getting told i don't have permission to do so, soooooo,, ANDY, PLEASE, DISABLE THE DISABLE BUTTON!!!!!!!!!! thankyou lots!! :blowkiss::blowkiss::blowkiss:
  10. Modgirl

    Thank-you all

    Sorry if this is in the wrong post, I would like to thank all at Home Depo, again for their excellant service John & Sevim and all the staff, true to their word they called took away my foot stool that I picked ( wrong colour ) and replaced with one that matched my suite at no cost and a 8 week...
  11. jcrian

    Thankyou EU!!!

    MEDDLING EU judges sparked outrage last night after giving scrounging foreigners the green light to sponge thousands of pounds from British taxpayers. - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Why Britain is spongers' heaven
  12. Marc

    500 Thankyou's to Barry in the Harbour Bar from the Kids in Akbuk

    After a long 4 hour parade during todays childrens festival, which was well supported the kids marched back to school into the yard to be told by the Headmaster that "Barry from the Harbour Bar" has bought all the kids a bottle of pop and a cake. The roar was almost as loud as the parade, they...
  13. R

    Quiz Night - Thankyou

    Thankyou to all those that attended the Quiz night last night.The evening was a great success and hopefully everyone had an enjoyable time. Thankyou also, both to those that attended and those people that could not attend the night, for the contributions to the school chldren. We were contacted...
  14. Mushroom

    Thankyou and goodbye- I'm off !

    Dear all, I joined this forum about a year ago and I have decided with a heavy heart and somewhat lighter wallet on the run up to Christmas, that it is time for a 'sabbatical'. As of now, this is my last post, and I wish to thank all those who have informed, enlightened and generally increased...
  15. D


    Hi Ruth... Sorry for the delayed response, my internet has been "knackered" since my return!! but just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you and thank you for your help and guidance when we were out 3 weeks ago. Hope you are keeping busy. Hopefully will see you again soon. Dave, Mags...
  16. S

    A Big Big Thankyou

    Just got back from a glorious 3 weeks in Tinky. While there my daughter Janey celebrated her 30th Birthday. We had a big party in Characters Bar and I would like to sincerely thank Ahmet, Janel and all the staff at Characters for a truly great night and a superb buffet. I would also like to...
  17. H

    Thankyou everyone.

    Now that I have been here almost a month I feel it is time to thank all members of this forum. Once I stumbled over TLF I became an avid daily reader. I learnt a lot and laughed my way through a lot of posts. The information I recieved was hugely helpful and reassuring that all would be well...
  18. O


    Thanks to you all will get back later;thanks to all again most helpfull.
  19. S


    Thanks to everyone who helped with information about setting up companies etc before I went to Bodrum last month. We have now set up the said company for a third of the price that the solicitor was charging, transferred the land into the company name and paid our taxes until the end of the...
  20. Pennie


    I would like to thank EVERYONE for the best wishes I recieved on my anniversary and birthday. I can't believe i'm 42. Still feel only half that age. (my daughters say I act it too). Anyway, dont forget i'm having a p**s up sunday by the pool. EVERYONE welcome. Still hoping to make an arrangement...
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