1. bal canavar

    Bangkok bomb: Deadly blast rocks Thailand capital

    A bomb has exploded close to a shrine in the centre of Thailand's capital, Bangkok, killing at least 16 people and injuring more than 80. The Erawan Shrine, which was crowded at the time, is a major tourist attraction and foreigners, including Chinese, are among the casualties. No-one has yet...
  2. H


    Hey guys my husband and I are going to Thailand in jan what airlines have people use and recomend from istanbul for comfort etc Emirates turkish airline or Qatar air Also any recommendations on where to go we are going Bangkok and Chang mai then not sure where x

    Thailand january

    The War Department is keen on visiting Thailand in January to do some beach and touristy malarkey(shoe shopping) and I was wondering can anyone recommend the best way to do so, with out having to sell the family silver. Flights with THY are fine but add in hotels and internal flights and it...
  4. Yalides

    The kingdom of thailand

    HOW DID I LIVE ALL THESE YEARS WITHOUT KNOWING THIS? I'll bet you never knew this!!! In the original native culture of Thailand, when males reached the age of 18 they had to participate in the following community ceremony. They lay themselves stark naked in a large circle, feet facing...
  5. Freedom 49

    Transferring cash to Thailand.

    Sold an Irish customers house in Side yesterday and accompanied him to his bank (AKbank) to transfer the proceeds of the sale to an account in Thailand. Unbelievably, a total 3 hrs in the bank, saw the transfer completed. More unbelievably, the customer appeared in our office this morning to...
  6. suecheshireuk

    Turkey to Thailand

    Hi, we plan to spend Jan 2012 in Thailand, and just wondering if anyone can give us an idea of the cheapest time to fly during January,from Turkey, and the best/cheapest airline. We plan to come in at Bangkok, then take it from there. I know it's 12 months off yet, but maybe the cheaper deals...
  7. perfect1949

    thinking of going to thailand

    what do think of men that go to thailand for a wife . dave
  8. Lindy

    Thailand and Goa

    Has anyone travelled to Thailand or Goa from Turkey? We're thinking of taking a break this winter for 3 or 4 weeks and wondered if anyone could share their travelling experiences - flights, accomodation etc. Many thanks Linda :)
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