1. S

    Be careful what you text

    https://news.sky.com/story/judge-estranged-wifes-kisses-on-text-messages-were-not-flirtatious-11606258 As the judge has ruled that we should not take any meaning out of how women end their text messages it makes me feel a lot better now when I read my texts from the big girl which invariably...
  2. keny

    text from uk

    I am trying to text a Turkish mobile from my uk mobile without success. I have tried 0090 then the mobile number missing the zero off nothing. Tried +90them mobile number nothing. Can anyone help? Maybe because I am texting from a UK mobile I cannot text to a Turkish mobile?? Keny.
  3. bickern

    Android owners on high alert over terror text message

    Researchers have claimed hackers could use a single terrifying text message to easily gain access to an Android phone and use its camera as a pervy peephole. Mobile security experts at Zimperium have found a dangerous vulnerability which can allegedly be attacked using a simple message. When...
  4. suzyq

    Text Message for RP

    Saw this announcement on the DGMM webesite but don't know if it is actually happening yet or when it will. Residence permit application is evaluated and if found suitable, postal bar code will be sent to the foreigners with SMS whose residence permit are issued. If a foreigner, whose...
  5. bickern

    Text from R.T Erdogan

    I have just received my personal text from RTE wishing me well this Bayram, so you can all eat your hearts out. :dil:
  6. mollag

    Expat text codes

  7. McDHibs

    Text speak

    Been planning a trip to an open air rock festival for the last couple of months with three friends and we have been sending a lot of text messages but it has now become an abbreviation festival to the point where my age (48) is now against me as I do not have a clue what's getting said things...
  8. ted j

    Predictive text in google

    Yesterday I had a slightly newer version of xp put on the lappy (it died a death on Monday, due to a corrupt adobe download which froze everything). I could have had windows 7 but just prefer xp, so I loaded all my usual stuff (google earth, picasa etc) and it is really fast, but this version...
  9. M

    Random text messages or answerphone messages

    Whats the funniest text or answerphone message that you've received? I once got a message on my answerphone from an older sounding woman and she said " Hi it's only me ,I spoke to dad today,he's ok,he's in an open prison now but he's a bit peed off coz he cant wear his own clothes":hehe: Meah
  10. rosewall1

    Turkcell ads. via text

    What ever posses Turkcell to send out text messages at 2.00am and in Turkish.
  11. M

    Turkcell Text

    Sorry to start again, but the original thread on this has been closed. As this text reference messages in English appears to be genuine, how do I text okay to 8104 from the UK? My phone would not accept this, and kept saying "Failed". Maisie
  12. KKOB

    Warning - Text Messages From Turkcell In English

    If you receive a text message from Turkcell asking if you'd like to receive further messages from them in English, don't reply, it's a scam. Although Turkcell are working on a system to send messages to mobile phone owners in their native tongue, they are still in the early stages of...
  13. M

    Text SMS to Cyprus

    Has anyone heard of any problems with texting to cyprus it is all very strange, my sister lives in cyprus and she can receive calls but not text messages, she can receive text messages from UK. I have both a UK and Turkish moby and have text her from both but she only receives the one from UK. mo
  14. S

    Text from Turkey

    I have a turkcell phone & want to text a uk mobile phone in uk what numbers do I add to text or remove to send text to uk mobile.
  15. Bubskar

    Text messaging

    A friend of mine went abroad recently and turned off their Turkcell phone. I didn't know this and sent an SMS text message. They are now back and are saying that they did not receive the message. The message was quite important. Could this be true. I need to know whether text messages are...
  16. KKOB

    Don't Text And Drive

    Gwent Police hope a shocking film about the consequences of texting while driving will help prevent crashes. BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Film to stop texting and driving
  17. KKOB

    Clearer Text On Screens

    If you have a Liquid Crystal Display computer screen (ie laptop or flat screen) here's a neat little trick to make your computer screen show the text in a clearer way. First go to your normal desktop, right click and then click on [Properties].The Properties window will open. Click on the...
  18. gren

    HELP please translate text message!

    I received this text message on my Turkcell phone today. I'm very worried, it seems to come from Milas BLD (says Belediye in the text) (I don't know how they got my telephone number..) Can anyone translate it for me? MUBAREK MEVLID KANDILINIZI EN ICTEN DILEKLERIMLE KUTLAR, SAGLIK, MUTLULUK VE...
  19. luddendenturk

    Text Speak & Abbreviations

    Being a guy of mature years, I thought I would take The Bull by The Horns, and let people know that I am often confused by some of the abbreviations that members use within their posts. I believe that I am right with the following meanings, but please feel free to correct me if you know...
  20. gren

    Turkcell text messages???

    Can anyone understand Turkcell text messages??? They wont send 'em in English (why should they) but i'd love to be enlightened what they have been sending me for so long.... Any one help? --------------------------- 1.(From Turkcell) Yurtdisinda arama yaptiginiz gun basina 1YTL/15kontore...
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