1. R

    Covid Testing Antalya Airport

    Hi. In our efforts to get back to our apartment in Northern Cyprus we now have to spend two weeks in Turkey before we can fly there. If we fly from the UK we have to have a Covid test 72 hours before we fly. They are not available here in the UK. A few clinics around London can do them in the...
  2. Tenpin


  3. S

    Testing testing!!!

    Hello TLF, hello TLF This is free Valencia calling on my first ever transmission from my new pad- are you receiving, over???????
  4. Jaycey

    Testing email

    I have a friend in Malta with a Yahoo email address who tells me that his emails to me in Ukraine are being rejected. His mails to me on Gmail are received here OK and my emails to his Yahoo account are being received OK. 1. Can any of our geeky friends perhaps explain why this is happening...
  5. oldfogy

    Holiday Insurance (The small print)

    Just testing to see if this post also comes out as a Vbulletin formatted post as my last post (link below) has done. (and also needs looking into) http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/turkey-travel-forum/81244-holiday-insurance-small-print-print.html#post1030745...
  6. hayabusa

    Personal Blood testing.

    I often travel to Turkey every year and have tried my mobile Blood tests in Turkey, and they have been giving me very high reading. Then I was stalking to someone, and they said it could be due to the temperature in Turkey, so I tried to put my test machine in a polythene bag and then in a...
  7. L

    Portable appliance testing (PAT test) in Turkey?

    Good morning everybody, What is the Turkish law in regards the PAT tests? If I buy white goods or aircon does the supplier installs them as well as provides a PAT test certificate or I have to find some else to do it? P.S. The HEALTH and SAFETY EXECUTIVE (HSE) gives info regarding this test...
  8. bickern

    EU plans for caravan testing

    Does this get my vote? I think yes, to be honest even though I have not thought of it before all trailers etc should be checked. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/news/10234382/Row-over-EU-plans-for-caravan-testing.html
  9. suzyq

    Testing of e-passport system begins at Atatürk Airport

    The e-passport system, which aims to make travel more convenient, was installed for testing at İstanbul's Atatürk Airport on Saturday. According to officials, once testing is complete, the system will be in full use and will be installed at other airports in the country as well. With e-passport...
  10. Lez Zetli

    Testing, ignore (but I bet you peek)

    Microsoft can't do maths:
  11. P

    Car testing

    So I decided that our Turkish Government needed some funds, So off I goes to Soke car testing station I got there at 7.45am Monday morning, I was number 6. Yor are number 2 When it was my turn I goes to the desk and gives them my documents, she says "PROBLEM" I thought well it is Turkey, she...
  12. teosgirl

    another testing scandal

    As with the university entrance exam scandal last year, the investigation into these allegations will probably end quickly, and with a token sacking of a lower-grade employee. I wonder what will happen to those who qualified under the special provisions? I wonder how the parents of children who...
  13. oldfogy


    ‪TomTom® Navigation with Bluetooth for 2011 Impreza and Forester‬‏ - YouTube Still trying to be able to embed a youtube video but without any luck. Please feel free to remove this post if you want to. Thanks.
  14. aDDer

    Testing this all out

    Testing this all out
  15. D

    Property Transfer Fee Calculator - Testing required

    I have developed an online calculator to help identify the costs involved with buying and selling property in Turkey. Although the calculator is setup for the Bodrum region, most of the fees should transfer to other areas of Turkey. I am looking for a couple of willing testers to give the...
  16. D

    Online Electricity Calculator - testing required

    I'm hoping a few of you can help. I'm developing an online electricity calculator, which will help understand the breakdown of Turkish electricity bills. The calculator will also identify whether it's cheaper to be a on a fixed rate, or mixed rate tariff, and it will provide historical pricing...
  17. R

    Geeky girl testing her Iphone out

    Hello . Just testing my Iphone out to see if it works, lol :95im:
  18. ceemac

    Lives marred due to a lack of testing

    Sorry, have to reproduce this in full as stories from this publication do not link for some reason. "Three children developed mental disabilities as a result of not receiving a mandatory test for a genetic disorder. Treatment would have been possible had the children been diagnosed earlier for...
  19. bobthenob

    testing a moving avatar

    l found this moving avatar,just by browsing through the web.l think its great :nod:
  20. Harem

    Testing Shirleyanntr

    I need some translation, but your PM box is full
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