1. E

    Tesco Bank: 20,000 customers lose money

    BBC: Tesco Bank, the lending arm of the UK's biggest grocer, halts online payments after money was stolen from 20K accounts. Tesco bank attack: What do we know?
  2. Yani

    Tesco and Kipa

    According to reports on Sky, Tesco is to sell Kipa, which is being bought by Migros. Tesco To Sell Giraffe And Turkish Chains I wonder if some of the smaller Migros stores close to the larger Kipas will be sold on.
  3. juco

    Tesco treat their staff like S...!

    Yes I like good customer service as most people do but this annoyed me when I was in Tesco today, yes I hate queuing and I like to be served as quickly as possible but this has got got me fuming! I was the only person in the queue at the checkout and at the point of being served the checkout...
  4. bickern

    The Tesco Doctor

    One day, in line at the works cafeteria, Jack says to Mike behind him, 'My elbow hurts like hell. I suppose I'd better see a doctor!' Listen mate ; don't waste your time down at the surgery, Mike replies. There's a diagnostic computer at Tesco. Just give it a urine sample and the computer will...
  5. T

    Tesco hoarding land

    Tesco owns enough unused land to build 15,000 houses, according to an analysis of Land Registry records by the Guardian. Back in 2007, the Competition Commission investigated the amount of unused land owned by supermarkets. It concluded that the company was sitting on 4.5 million square metres...
  6. jandj

    Is Tesco selling Kipa?

    Britain’s biggest grocer has moved its Kipa stores into a separate company that is being seen as a precursor to it ditching its underperforming business. Chief executive Phil Clarke recently hinted he is reviewing options for Turkey after underlying sales for the region fell 12.8 per cent at...
  7. H

    Tesco Hudl

    Anyone got one of these yet? Was wondering what video quality was like for watching tv. Using clubcard vouchers they are very cheap to buy

    Tesco Tablet

    Any views on the latest economy tablet from Tesco? Tesco launches £119 tablet computer - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  9. S

    Kippa/ tesco

    hi all, does anybody know if theres a web site for kippa that could be viewed in english, and you could order from, not food more like white goods ect, thanks
  10. T

    Tesco - kipa

    Does anyone know the opening times of Tesco -Kipa in Fethiya please?:9:
  11. willip

    Tesco- Kipa comes to Didim

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Tesco-Kipa beckons for Didim?
  12. Briand

    Tesco free WiFi

    Tesco set to offer free WiFi to aid tech-savvy customers use their smartphones in the aisles | Mail Online Briand. :cheers:
  13. S

    Tesco Beer 24p!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tesco blunder means beers for 24p - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance
  14. Mushtaq

    Tesco will kill our town, fear traders.

    The future of one of Northern Ireland’s busiest shopping towns is being threatened by a controversial out-of-town superstore, it has been warned. Yesterday, after two rejected planning applications, the green light was given to Tesco to open a new 80,000 sq ft complex on the outskirts of...
  15. gerald

    Tesco Sim only offer

    For UK mobile phone users: Tesco in store are currently offering a 1 month sim only contract for only £10 per month. You get 500 mins, unlimited texts, and 500MB data allowance. Tesco use the O2 network so this sim will work in any O2 phone or of course in any unlocked phone.
  16. Dalaman Deli

    Tesco coming to Muğla?

    Had to go to Muğla this morning and, as we came out of the town centre onto the dual carriage way to come home, I just happened to notice a new building going up. I glanced up at the building sign as we flew by, just to see what it was, and was surprised to see a red and blue Tesco sign. I am...
  17. P

    Tesco Technika products

    Im thinking about getting a new monitor/TV for my home office and having worked in the computer industry for many years I was of course going to get a nice one, good spec, etc. But when browsing in Tesco the other day I noticed their Technika branded products seemed to have a good spec for a...
  18. ceemac

    Tesco accused of anti-union practices in Turkey

    UNI affiliate Tez-Koop-IS today accused Tesco-Kipa of widespread, systematic anti-union practices and announced that it would take a complaint against the company to the public prosecutor. Here C
  19. GnD

    Dress Codes for Tesco Supermarket

    In this supermarket nightwear wearing customers are so common they have introduced a dress code! I don't think I have ever seen such a clothed customer and struggling to stop laughing over the comment Tesco's loss is Aldi's gain. Lucky Aldi Cover up! No shopping in PJs or barefoot, Tesco...
  20. Andy

    Tesco's Loophole

    Boost Tesco Clubcard Points: A regularly updated list of extra points offers :hearnoevi
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