1. yalimart

    RIP Terry Jones

    He's Not The Messiah - Life of Brian - YouTube Martin
  2. Yalides

    Terry Jones

    Terry Jones, Monty Python star and comedian is suffering from progressive dementia. So sad, horrible disease. I wish you all the best Terry.
  3. B

    Terry Wogan tributes.

    There have been tributes from manypeople in today's Newspapers and on TV He comes across as a very pleasant person in public as he was in his Private life. He always seemed to me to be a very affable and likeable person. Bill.
  4. mollag

    Oul Terry has gone.

    He will be missed, I didn't like his TV persona but his radio 2 show had me laughing out loud, for that I thank him. :thanks:
  5. Mojive

    RIP Terry Pratchett

    RIP Terry Pratchett Terry Pratchett in quotes: 15 of the best | Books | The Guardian Sleep well Mo xx
  6. S

    Terry the Celt

    Is Terry still a member on here Ain't heard of him for ages
  7. B

    Terry Waite in Lebanon.

    Terry Waite and Hizbollah: the making of the 'Party of God' - Telegraph If Terry Waite can go back to Lebanon and talk of peace and reconciliation in the Middle East. Why can't all the other parties in that region do the same...
  8. perfect1949

    will john terry get away with it ?

    he his in court today accused of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand . will he get away with it ? . dave
  9. shirleyanntr

    happy birthday Terry

    just seen you there Terry many happy returns of your day :roundgrin Happy Birthday
  10. P

    John Terry charged.

    BBC News - John Terry to be charged over Anton Ferdinand race row In light of todays charges John Terry's not been as nervous since he heard Wayne Bridges car pulling into the driveway half an hour early.
  11. peter the postie

    Ban Terry the Celt

    Disgusting!!! ESN: Another Super Injunction
  12. B

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday Terry , hope its a great one ,love Bernie xxx :blowkiss:
  13. mrkeith

    Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

    This is a must read for people that are struggling to understand what religion is really all about and how easy it is to influence people in their beliefs: Terry Pratchett - UK Website : Books
  14. Yalides

    John Terry

    Who has been a naughty boy with Wayne Bridges totty then ?
  15. M

    Terry and Sue

    Hi, I don't post much, I'm more of a reader. Great site by the way! Just wondered where Terry and Sue have gone? I haven't seen them about for a long time. Hope they're OK.
  16. bobthenob

    Help in tracking down - Terry Wilson

    The person that conned me out of a lot of money,has been spotted in the Gumbet area,probably working at a leasing vehicle company.This person also conned an old man out of a lot of money as well,which he needed the money for an operation,to improve his health,but was interferred with by the...
  17. maggie

    happy birthday Terry

    happy birthday Happy Birhday to Terry. Hope you have a good one my love. Your pressie is in the post. Hugs Maggie xxxxxx
  18. Harem

    Terry's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Terry (not anti-smoking Terry) Hope you have a good one!! :pressie: :pressie: :pressie:
  19. shirleyanntr

    terry and susan(not terry and june)

    i want to know where Mr Terry& Susan Cocks has got to..i see he's on the forum but said nothing for a few days ..i hope he's not pouting....come on terry ..don't lie low.
  20. Mushtaq

    Tony & Terry's - Maintenance Problem

    (this was sent via PM to me, I think they meant to post it) First time we've found this forum, first time we've actually used a forum, so we may need a bit of help here. Its about our property maintenance contract. The price has shot up and now our agent also wants us to sign a very loose...
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