1. bickern

    UK - Terrorists

    Kevan Jones, a Labour MP, said concerns had been raised by the security services with Parliament's intelligence and security committee of which he was a member. Mr Jones told the Evening Standard the government had known 'for at least a year and a half' that individuals who 'posed a serious...
  2. bickern

    Terrorists Killed in Köyceğiz

    Last minute News-Mugla Köyceğiz in the clash of security forces reported that 5 terrorists were killed by the district of Muğköyceðiz,... Read More on Turkey Daily News ==> 5 terrorists were killed in Koycegiz Turkey Telegraph - Breaking News & Headlines from TURKEY
  3. S

    My family is Gulenist, but not me....why do turks consider gulenists terrorists?

    I am sorry if I have offended anyone, I just wanted to get a Turkish perspective.......I grew up surrounded by gulenists, and raised by gulenists, but I have since distanced myself from that group and I have made arrangements to join another Turk kultur merkiz here in the USA......but I'm...
  4. Mushtaq

    Jordan's king accuses Turkey of sending terrorists to Europe

    King Abdullah of Jordan accused Turkey of exporting terrorists to Europe at a top level meeting with senior US politicians in January, the MEE can reveal. The king said Europe’s biggest refugee crisis was not an accident, and neither was the presence of terrorists among them: “The fact that...
  5. teosgirl

    Who are the terrorists?

    Erdogan wants to broaden the term terrorist to include 'supporters of terrorism'. Definition of ?terrorists? should be broadened to include ?accomplices,? says Erdo?an - POLITICS I find this ironic considering two university students were convicted of being members of an illegal...
  6. beyazbayan

    Who or What gave birth to the Terrorists group

    İ would be interested in hearing the views of the forum members as to who or what gave birth to the various terrorists group that now plague the World.
  7. T

    Does Erdogan’s hatred of Assad run so deep that he would court terrorists?

    A good article that gives the world an insight into Erdogan's dirty work. Does Erdogan?s hatred of Assad run so deep that he would court terrorists? - Telegraph Whether its only hatred of Assad I am not so sure but each person will have their own personal ideas about that.
  8. T

    Oktay Vural calls PKK Terrorists

    Oktay Vural stated that the PKK are terrorists after he recently tried to blame the death of a student on the PKK, one female HDP MP said to Oktay Vural that as Oktay Vural's cousin is a PKK member does that mean his cousin is a terrorist - he shut up and did not answer - some people believe its...
  9. Mushtaq

    Obama says world should address ‘grievances’ that terrorists exploit

    WASHINGTON – President Obama defended his administration’s approach to the terror threat at a White House summit Wednesday, standing by claims that groups like the Islamic State do not represent Islam -- as well as assertions that job creation could help combat extremism. Obama, addressing the...
  10. bickern

    Two Islamic terrorists back on streets

    Two Islamic extremists – one jailed TWICE for terror offences – are back on the streets after serving half their sentences. Shah Jalal Hussain and Jahanagir Alom are out on licence despite a Tory pledge to end automatic early release for convicted terrorists. Crimes the pair were involved in...
  11. Jaycey

    How to Handle Terrorists

    Letter from America... As long as we insist on maintaining the "moral high ground" we will NEVER win the war on terrorism! We're in a conflict in which we absolutely INSIST in playing by the rules against a maniacal group who have NO rules! After the Boston bombing the news media spent days...
  12. beyazbayan

    Terrorists use Turkey

    İ am sure we all knew this was the case. Revealed: The secret emails helping to smuggle Britons into the war zone as Turkey says 20 UK nationals are waiting in safe houses for signal to cross into Syria Read more: Revealed: The secret emails helping to smuggle Britons into the war zone as...
  13. teosgirl

    Gezi protesters - terrorists.

    POLITICS - Gezi indictment levels terror-related charges against 36 protesters The indictment was prepared by Muammer Akkaş, the same prosecutor who was controversially removed from a second graft investigation last week, the report said. Above we see (yet again) the usefulness of RTE's...
  14. bickern

    Pray for the Kenya terrorists

    Pray for the Kenya terrorists: Archbishop of Canterbury says 'captors must understand violence won't have the last word' Read more: Kenya attack: Archbishop of Canterbury urges Christians not to forget 'the captors' in their prayers | Mail Online...
  15. A

    US weapon aid to terrorists again again

    John Kerry postponed middle east tour for weapon aid to AL Qaida terror organistaion against innocent Syrian people. Suriye’ye silah yardýmý için rötar - Hürriyet PLANET
  16. A

    Uncle Sam aid to terrorists

    The US will provide the Syrian opposition with $60 million in aid, Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Thursday. The non-lethal assistance will include the delivery of food and medical supplies directly to the rebels for the first time. "No nation, no people should live in fear of their...
  17. teosgirl

    Syrian opposition - legitimate politicians or terrorists?

    MIDEAST - Syria rebels using children in battle: HRW Conflicting reports regarding the car bombs, with the UK media siding with the opposition: Syria: Deadly Car Bomb Blasts Rock Damascus Car bombs kill 34 in pro-Assad eastern Damascus suburb I honestly believe the fundamentalist Muslim...
  18. A

    Qaeda terrorists creation of the US and Britain

    GEORGE Galloway has claimed British and American troops trained al-Qaeda terrorists… in Fort William. The Respect MP unleashed his latest Good Night with George Galloway rant on YouTube yesterday. It comes on the heels of his video which said rape charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian...
  19. teosgirl

    AKP terrorists?

    AMERICAS - Rick Perry says Turkey should be expelled from NATO, calls leaders 'Islamic terrorists' I wonder how RTE will respond? It will be quite embarrassing if this guy becomes president around the same time as Erdogan :) Charlotte
  20. tykatem

    Payphones cost too much for convicted terrorists it seems

    Just seen this in the Wail. The convicted terrorist is complaining 'Why can't I Skype my friends and relatives abroad from prison?' Whine of Bangladeshi terrorist jailed for plotting to blow up passenger jet Poor soul. Read more: Rajib Karim: Whine of Bangladeshi terrorist jailed for...
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