1. Z

    Lawyer/ client contract terms

    Hi everyone, I am about to hire a lawyer in Istanbul and give POA to him to carry an inheritance case on my behalf ( I am not in the country). But I want to know what to keep in mind and be aware of when signing the agreement. One thing I am worried about is if I need to terminate his service...
  2. suzyq

    3 Terms for PM remains in place

    Turkish PM Erdo?an hints at presidential run, as ruling AKP maintains electoral decisions - POLITICS
  3. D

    Excess luggage---which airline has the best terms

    İ usually book cheap and cheerful from İzmir to The Uk in summer but İ know this year i will have a lot of excess luggage on the return leg of the trip...İ am guessing it is best to pre-book for this but i only want the allowance on the return.........any advice which airline is best and how i...
  4. bickern

    Man who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms

    I really applaud this and my only wish is that I had thought of it first. I wonder if it would work with Turk Telekom, Digiturk or TTnet? Probably not. I could do with a new credit card though. Man who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms - Telegraph
  5. K

    Turkish citizen's UK residency terms

    My hubby and I met and married in the UK. He aquired a UK indefinite leave to remain (resident's visa) in 2006. We came to Turkey in April 2011 because he lost his job in the UK and we couldn't make ends meet. We didn't get around to applying for UK citizenship for him, mainly because it is...
  6. shirleyanntr

    Turkish Political Terms

    Burak Bekdil is a journalist..lets hope he doesn't get arrested for his very funny but so right summing up of politics in this area ive taken the liberty of pasting his list rather than the link After my “A glossary of Turkish political terms” (Apr. 16, 2008), I gather there may be a need for...
  7. bbk_agp

    ebook for Mathematical Terms in Turkish?

    Hi every one. I'm looking for an ebook for mathematics terms. Do you have any? Preferably if that was downloadable makes me more happy. Thanks.
  8. Kalkan regular

    Terms for Cypus Turkish airlines

    I wonder if a Turkish speaker who has travelled travelled with Cyprus Turkish Airlines can tell me if the 'special fares no refund' and the 'restricted fares no refund' allow name changes. Thanks
  9. bickern

    The meanings of the terms appearing on a TAPU

    The meanings of the terms appearing on a TAPU are as follows: Ana Gayrimenkulun Description, location and cadastral coordinates of the main land Ili City Ilçesi Town Mahallesi District Köyü Village Sokagi...
  10. P

    Web search terms

    if you wanted to find a holiday house in Turkey what terms would you be typing in and what search engine would you use? us homeowners thinking of renting out our places would be interested to kno
  11. J

    Translating tax terms - help please

    We've just received a statement from our Accountant for taxes etc & although some of the words are found on translation web sites, some seem to be abbreviations or 'not found'. Can anyone help? Defter tastik Stopaj Damga Vergiler 2006 Vergi Vergiler + KDV Thanks Jamera
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