1. P

    antalya airport terminals

    hi does anyone know which teminal thomas cook use from antalya airport, thomas cook say 2 but antalya say 1,?
  2. B

    Antalya Airport Terminals

    Flying from Birmingham to Antalya via Istanbul next week (conecting flight). Once we arrive at Antalya domestic terminal do they escort the passengers to the International terminal the same as when you arrive in Dalaman via Istanbul? Also can anyone recommend a good reliable transfer company...
  3. L

    Is it easy to walk between terminals at Ataturk Airport?

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to get back from Manchester to Bodrum next week. I've found flights into Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and out again to Bodrum two hours later. I've never flown from/into Ataturk, however, so does anyone know how long it takes to walk between the...
  4. W

    Istanbul Airport and different terminals

    Hi Has anyone flown into Istanbul airport and had to change from terminal 1 to terminal d . Can you please tell me are they located near each other any information would be of great help thanks Ann
  5. merlin

    Istanbul's Ferry Terminals....

    Turkish Press Istanbul not only lies on the shores of the Marmara Sea, but straddles the Bosphorus strait and the broad inlet known as the Golden Horn, so sea transport has always played as important a role as roads, at least until the two suspension bridges over the Bosphorus were...
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