1. F

    Dalaman Airport new terminal

    I am going to Dalaman to pick up friends 2 questions kind people, 1/ Is the new terminal up and running, I did read it was opening Wednesday 4th July. 2/ If the new terminal is now up and running where do I pick up my friends. Many thanks in anticipation FT
  2. Kingfisher

    Milas-Bodrum Airport International Terminal closed

    Bodrum-Milas Airport International Terminal closed as a cost-cutting measure until March 31st 2017. Bodrum Kent Tv - BODRUM-M?LAS HAVAL?MANI DI? HATLAR TERM?NAL? KAPATILDI! .
  3. Lez Zetli

    Is Izmir Airport Domestic Terminal Open yet?

    Just asking on the off chance that someone can answer this in the next hour or so as I'm off to meet someone arriving from Istanbul. At Christmas we flew in to the International terminal because of the refurb at the domestic terminal. I'll be able to answer it myself tonight :D :thanks:
  4. Tommie

    'Suspect package' closes Manchester Airport terminal

    Part of Manchester airport has been closed due to a suspected package. More... I do hope that no-one is affected.
  5. J

    Which Terminal

    If flying to Heathrow from Dalaman via Istanbul, which terminal do you check in at, is it Domestic or International? Thanks
  6. F

    bodrums new terminal

    Bodrums new terminal opened on wednesday, ( about three months to early) nothing is finished,and the staff manning the check-in desks were still training, the computers were playing up and no one seemed to know what they were doing, we were moved to different desks twice. once we got to passport...
  7. Z

    Istanbul bus terminal to Sabiha Gökçen Airport

    Hi is there anyone out there that could possibly offer some advice. I'm looking to travel to the airport from the main bus terminal at Esenler Otogar as I'm travelling down from Bourgas [Bulgaria] in late October. The plan is then to catch a flight to Bodrum. It looks like a fair old trek...
  8. tamus

    Terminal for Turkish airline flights to Bodrum

    hi hopeing someone can confirm if turkish airline flights always go to a domestic terminal in bodrum which is different to the international terminal for UK flights. A transfer company tells me they arrive to the same place but I have a friend who paid for a taxi from one to the other. I want...
  9. M

    Pegasus Antalya - which terminal?

    Could anyone that has done the route Stansted Antalya via Istanbul tell me which terminal they arrived in at Antalya? I don't know whether to be waiting at International or Domestic. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
  10. shirleyanntr

    Antakya's new airport terminal

    Antakya /Hatay airport was just opened in 2008 with one terminal and a couple of flights a week to istanbul. Since then its really took off (no pun) Yesterday a second terminal was opened as the airport has become really busy. This area is now opening out both to tourism and business with Syria...
  11. J

    Bodrum airport new terminal?

    Being confined indoors today due to the rotten weather, I was "surfing the net" and came across an article about the new airport which talked about the new terminal being built at Bodrum Airport. Apparently it's due to open in May 2012 - does this mean there will be additional flights from the...
  12. culturevulture

    izmir domestic terminal

    Hi, Can anyone tell me is Izmir Domestic Terminal and International Terminal in the same building, or are they in seperate buildings. Thanks, Mary.
  13. Sunny Seasider

    Help Mcr Airport Terminal 2

    I have just booked my Train Ticket to Manchester Airport. I have never travelled to the Airport by Train before so, my query is, could anyone tell me how long would it take me to get from the Train Station to Terminal two. please?
  14. ceemac

    Bodrum Ferry Terminal Moved Without Warning

    A sudden switch of location for the Bodrum ferryboat terminal point caught travelers by surprise last week. Here C
  15. ceemac

    New Ferry Terminal

    Facilities in Sütlüce offered by new ferries recently put into service between Üsküdar and the Golden Horn please passengers but many are unhappy with the location of the port, which requires a long walk from Beyoğlu. Here C
  16. T

    Which Terminal do we arrive at?

    Can someone advise me? :help: We are flying Dublin - Istanbul - Bodrum next week. I've assumed we'll be landing at the domestic terminal in Bodrum. Can anyone confirm this so I can get Car Hire organised? Also - Can we buy Duty Free in Dublin and carry it through Istanbul? Or have the rules...
  17. A

    Any News on the Ferry Terminal

    Has anybody got news about the Ferry Terminal in Altinkum? I seem to remember it was supposed to start operations last summer but never got going, do we know if it is operating yet or is it planned to start this summer? It seems a shame to have such a facility and not be using it, it can only...
  18. A

    Ferry Terminal

    Has anyone got any information on the services that are going to be running from the new ferry terminal in Altinkum this year? Last year it did not get started so I was wondering if it was going to start this year. Will it be one company or several using the facility and have timetables, fares...
  19. peter the postie

    Pics of new ferry terminal landscaping

    Well I just got back after a flying visit to Altinkum. I managed to snap a few pics of the new ferry area The landscaping, and numerous newly planted palm tree's look very promising.
  20. A

    New Ferry Terminal In Altinkum

    Does anyone know if the ferries have started running from the new Ferry terminal in Altinkum, and do they have details i.e. where do they run too, how longs the crossing, how much is the fare and how often do they run. I know that is a long list of questions but any infomation would be useful...
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