1. B


    Anyone interested in playing tennis? We have a hard court tennis surface in Dadya Sitesi.
  2. R

    Oasis Tennis court 🎾

    Hi , does anybody on here live on Oasis (Kaya) that can answer weather people can rent the tennis court you have please. I only live two blocks away and have heard this rumour along the grape vine . Any info would be appreciated , cheers🎾😀
  3. Billy Joe

    Table tennis.

    Anyone got or know of a Table Tennis table for sale.
  4. P

    Anyone for Tennis ?

    Are there any Tennis players in or around Yalikavak during April ?
  5. L

    Tennis players wanted !

    Hello, I am new to the Turkish forum. I have a house in Olivium Villas Dalaman. My partner is keen to play tennis . We have looked at the Goeck tennis club but this is very expensive at £20 per hour for non members. Two questions :- 1. Is there anyone who may be interested in playing tennis...
  6. L

    Flying in next week, anyone for Tennis?

    Hi, I'm across next week for 8 weeks, any1 fancy a game of Tennis or they like to go fishing let me know please. I'm interested in most sports, so please let me know of anything that is happening. Is there a camera club in altinkum pls too? Cheers Lisa
  7. W

    WANTED - Table tennis Table

    Hi All, Anyone able to help me out - I want to buy a table tennis table but not sure of cost, where to get one and if anyone has one second hand. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Will.
  8. F

    Wimbledon tennis

    Does anyone know which Digiturk channel is broadcasting the tennis this year?
  9. C

    Anyone for tennis?

    I am arriving in Bodrum April 8th for 3 months and will be looking for men/ladies to play singles/doubles tennis. Naturally this will be either fairly early in the morning or in the early evening. I am based in Bitez but have a car week, and like to play 4/5 times per week. Anywhere in Bodrum...
  10. P

    Table tennis

    Hi does anyone know where I could get a table tennis table from and how much?
  11. Firebrand

    Turkish politicans booed at tennis
  12. ted j

    Wii tennis cheating

    I play wii tennis regularly and noticed about 2 weeks ago that the game had been altered , the top 2 players were a lot harder to beat , now considering that their skill level is 400 and 500 points below mine, (me being on the top score) I contacted Nintendo about it, asking them if they...
  13. W

    Wanted - Table Tennis Table + Satellite Dish + Hammock :)

    Hi All, I wonder if you could all help please. I have just bought a villa in Ovacik and wanted the above items - a Table tennis table (strange requests I know), a satellite dish and receiver as the previous owners took theirs. I also would like a hammock if anhyone has one. I could get...
  14. D

    Anyone for Tennis??

    Hi myself and my other half will be in Fethiye from the 2nd-16th July is there anyone that would be available to play mixed doubles on the 13th, 14th or 15th if anyone fancies it give me a shout thanks Deb and Malc
  15. D

    Tennis In Fethiye

    Hi everyone i wondered if someone can offer us some advice, We have a place in Fethiye and are intending to move over next august, myself and my other half both play tennis, could anyone please tell me if the courts at calis belong to a tennis club and if so are there any english people that...
  16. M

    Tennis dolphin

    Hi, I moved to Antalya 4 months ago on a lifestyle experiment. So far, apart from a few heavy thunder storms and a few power cuts all is going well here in Konyaalti. The beach life and Simit are real highlights, I downsized from London and so far don't miss it. hope to stay here in Antalya for...
  17. turkishknashers

    tennis elbow ?

    last november i got tennis elbow(torn ligament) from lifting massive full pans at work and tipping them (they weigh a ton) anyway the pain was excruiciating i had to leave work because of it, i have had two cortisone injections and that my dr says is my limit for two years. dr says he has only...
  18. L

    R there any folk in Didim who want to play Tennis?

    Am looking to move to Turkey during the next 6 months, so be good to know there are interested folks.
  19. S

    Tennis -Bodrum/Tuzla area

    Are there any tennis fanatics out there that are keen to play tennis. My husband is looking for partners at good club level. He usually plays first thing in the morning or 8pm in the evening.
  20. L

    Tennis courts in Mahmutlar.

    Hello everybody. We have an appartment in Mahmutlar and going there in July for 6 weeks. Unfortunately for us, there is no tennis court available in our block, and I'm wondering if there is a tennis court somewhere in town that we could use, like a council one or whatever? We did ask management...
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