1. clatchyrock

    British Woman 'Beheaded' in Tenerife

    News is just coming in of a British woman being attacked in a supermarket in Los Cristianos (sp) in Tenerife by a Bulgarion man. The woman was stabbed repeatedly in the Store and then she was beheaded by the man. The man had also stolen the knife from the Store before attacking her. He was...
  2. J

    Price comparison, Turkey and Tenerife

    Yet got back from a short break in Tenerife, my parents had gone out for a month, so I decided to visit them for a few days. I couldnt believe how cheap it was, Pint of lager the local stuff (San muguel or Dorada) 1 Euro even down in the harbour or on the seafront, Large cooked breakfast (if...

    Orft To Tenerife

    Not that anyone will be very interested,but mrs.redders & myself are off to playa de las americas on sunday..so naturally i'll be off line till feb 5th. This is my one & only holiday this year(due to being self employed),so i'm looking forward to hot beaches & plenty of vodka :tongue...
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