1. T

    Close Topic's or Temporary Bans

    Not aimed at any one individual but; could Admin please consider issuing Temporary Ban's on individuals rather than the closure of what had been for some, interesting & informative threads? This may discourage some of the excesses of unpleasant vitriol repeatedly used by some members. :behindsof
  2. Y

    Taking a cat in and out of Turkey on a temporary basis p

    Hi all. I would appreciate some assistance with what paperwork Turkey customs need to bring a cat in and out of Turkey on a temporary basis. My cat as the following: "Hugo" is a 5th generation pedigree Bengal , with a TICA registered pedigree certificate. He is Micro-chipped and neutered...
  3. suzyq

    Turkey in Temporary Crisis?

    Erdo?an confirms Turkey currently in economic crisis
  4. bal canavar

    Stop Temporary Contracts

    In Kadikoy today the unions were rallying and protesting about the use of taseron (temporary contracts ) a form of subcontracting Which has been on a steep increase increase. Taseron leaves workers with minimal rights. Its been highlighted recently as the miners at Soma were put on these...
  5. SiHunt

    Temporary storage

    My first post on this forum so fingers crossed. Just sold our house in Dalyan (furnished) and have to remove all our personal effects by mid July but at that time will not have anywhere to store them, we move here permanently in October this year but need somewhere to store our stuff in the...
  6. RustyDalyan

    Temporary internet access, 2 weeks in Turkey

    Hello, I will be staying in an apartment with no internet. I have a strange iPhone that doesn't work for calls or texts in the UK but as soon as I get to Turkey it decides to work - with a variety different O2 sim cards. Conversely my ancient Nokia (pre-1G probably, so old), which works...
  7. Jaycey

    Temporary files

    Hi geeky angels, having laptop problems … If I search *.tmp in computer it tells me that there aren’t any. If I search in C, D (partition) or E (external HD) it brings up hundreds (possibly thousands) Some of these files can be deleted manually, some can’t and it will take weeks to go thru...
  8. C

    Temporary Passport

    Hi I was wondering if anybody had ever been issued with a temporary passport whilst living in turkey? the reason I am asking is because I am renewing my residence permit and I don't think that I will get my passport back in time to travel to the UK for christmas.I have been informed that I could...
  9. R

    Seeking temporary home for little dog

    Seeking urgently a temporary home for this little dog. (Possibly in the environments of Köycegiz) She is about 8-10 months old and will leave Turkey no later then May 2014 to her new home. If you can help, please pm me.
  10. N

    Temporary ban on all foreign buyers?

    I just heard from a friend that NO foreign person can purchase any property at this moment in time? Apparently it has been like this since around may, while they are trying to make thing easier they have stopped all foreigners from being allowed to buy until they have finished their changes to...
  11. P

    Tapu - Temporary Suspension

    Hello, For reasons too numerous to mention we have been trying to get our Tapu for years now, on our property. We thought we were now almost there, but believe it or not about 2 years ago, we were even closer than we are now, so we will not believe it until we see it! However our solicitor who...
  12. Marc

    Has the Car temporary Visa (180days) changed?

    I was just thinking the other day, as you do. If they have changed the tourist visa from 90day (repeatable) to 90 in 180 days, there is no point in having a 180 day visa for cars as foreigners could not use them after the original 90 days of their visa. I know you could then get a residence...
  13. ceemac

    Agencies demand legalization of temporary employment

    Private employment industry representatives are urging the government to pass a law regulating temporary employment. Despite the absence of such a law, many private employment agencies in Turkey today are providing such services outside the legal boundaries, sources familiar with the topic have...
  14. T

    "Temporary" pet owners

    After what a friend told me the other day, I was wondering what other Forumers think? The house opposite her is a medium let holiday home, it seems to be let for 4 - 6mths at a time. The last tenants were a lovely elderly (English) couple who adopted a stray cat. They fed it, had it inocculated...
  15. immac

    Cinnet: Temporary Insananity

    This very funny article, written by a Turk, turns up in a few spots, but I first saw it in Time Out Istanbul. We take a look at the Turkish habit of losing your shit. by Attila Pelit We Turks have a tendency of going ballistic pretty easily. This is because we enjoy it, as an oft-quoted...
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