1. P

    night temperatures

    hi folks am coming over next tuesday for a week and was just wondering what the temperatures are currently like at night time. im assuming i will still be ok in 3/4 length trousers/t-shirts but if anyone thinks different please advise. thanks pete
  2. Martyn

    Temperatures in October

    Hi all My son family are thinking or going to the apartment next year but not in the mid summer heat. He has two children 6yrs and 18 months around October 24th 2006. Can you tell me what the temperatures will be like(day and night), what is open(Aquapark) etc?
  3. G

    Whats the night-time temperatures like at the moment

    We are over in Akbuk in 2 weeks time and have been warned it may be a bit chilly at nightime. Given that Kusadasi was 30 degrees overnight last week I find this hard to believe, but just thought I'd ask anyhow.
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