1. juco

    Check your temperature for virus.

    From NHS.
  2. M

    Temperature pool water

    Hello. Could you tell me what is the temperature of the pool water at the end of september - beginning of October ? Thank you
  3. N

    Correct temperature in Yalikavak

    Hi Guys, hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer :) we only have 20 more sleeps until we fly out to Yalikavak. Can anyone tell me the exact temperature out there as kids keep looking and it seems to vary wherever you look. Thanks Nicky
  4. N

    Sea temperature in December/January

    Hi all We will be out to Yalikavak at end of December with our son and his friend, this will be our first visit in winter. Our pool will obviously not be in use but I,m wondering if anyone could tell me what the sea temp is around this time of year as I know the boys would like a swim. Thanks Julie
  5. kaplumba

    sea temperature

    Does anyone know the sea temperature around the Datca area? Husband can't decide which wet suit to take for windsurfing and is driving me mad! A web site says 18 but he thinks that sounds too warm.
  6. kaplumba


    Anyone there at the moment? What's the temperature like now? I shall be out on Monday and am expecting to need a fleece in the evening but what is it like during the day at the moment?
  7. N

    Akbuk temperature

    Can anyone make my day and please tell me what the temp is like right now in Akbuk for daytime and night time. I want to plan my wardrobe! Anna
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