1. M

    Telsim 3G service in Alanya

    Hi friends, I will be coming back to Alanya in July and August and will have to work while there. I will need access to a 3G wireless internet service. Is there a good service available in Alanya? I would prefer Telsim because I am a Vodafone customer, but I will be OK with any other if it is...
  2. M

    Topping up Telsim SIM online

    Hi there When we recently went over to Turkey, I bought a Telsim SIM to use, as its so much cheaper than roaming and using my UK SIM. However, I've been told that the SIM will expire if I don't top it up every 3 months. According to the Telsim website, I ought to be able to top the SIM up...
  3. merlin

    Telsim up for Tender

    Turkey issued a sale tender advertisment this morning for mobile phone operator Telsim. It set September 19 as the final date for pre-qualification bids and said the bidding deadline in the sale would be December 5. Bids would be opened on December 13 and the result would be agreed on the same...
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