Telly club down

    Is anyone else having problems logging on to Telly Club since yesterday ? Have tried emailing Akbukrob but my emails keep getting bounced...anyone have similar issues ?
  2. christella

    Turkey on the telly tonight

    Bbc 2 tonight 2100 Should be good
  3. C

    My Expat Telly

    Is anyone else having a problem getting English TV via My Expat Telly? I have been using this for over 2 years but for the past 2 days I am unable to gain access to it. Thank you to anyone who might help
  4. H

    Filmon on your telly!!

    Others probably already know this but I just came across it by accident If you are watching Filmon on your tablet ( Android) and your tv is Smart- without downloading anything or using a cable your Filmon appears on your telly!!! Good quality too Make sure its the very latest Filmon App you...
  5. K

    Expat Telly

    Does anybody use this to watch UK TV? Here's the link: Expat Telly Don't want to sign up if it's a scam...but it sounds good.
  6. S

    Easter telly

    God almighty I don't know what it's like in Britain but over here every bloody Easter they roll out The Robe, and other religious telly. Give it a rest!!!!!!!! Though on a slightly different tv holiday time gripe- Robinson Crusoe.... As a kid there was a 10 part series shown during the...
  7. Peaceplant

    On Telly NOW

    A Place in the Sun - in Turkey on More 4 now Am I missing something here? Every property they looked at they gave the 2 years ago price and todays and they were all double or treble!! I'd like to know when this was made because prices haven't risen very much at all in the Bodrum area in the...

    Nothing on the telly

    Interesting view for those of you who pine for more TV channels. 57 soaps and nothing on - The Irish Times - Fri, Aug 20, 2010
  9. peter the postie

    There is still good telly.... did anyone watch..

    The latest 3 part Linda La Plant thriller on ITV? Above suspicion-The red dahlia murders was an excellent watch. Great casting too I thought. Made even better than the very eye pleasing Kelly Reilly :) The murders that the show often related to (The Black Dahlia murders) was a very grizzly...
  10. ceemac

    Xmas Telly

    Has telly got worse at Xmas or is it just cos I've got older? I've got Sky and have loads of channels but it's mainly utter crap that's on. I seem to remember the programs being a whole lot better but is that just in the same bracket as seeming to remember that the summers used to be long...
  11. peter the postie

    Help... No telly

    Does anyone know where I can get a sat problem sorted without getting ripped off? Just arrived to a no signal message on every channel :(
  12. Peaceplant

    Telly just a harmless pastime?

    A post by Bob the nob reminded me of an article I had stumbled upon about TV being used to control our minds. We all know the obvious harm the TV does. Not to mention violent video games. I was recently at a friends house and her 3 year old was busy blowing soldiers brains out on his pc and me...
  13. M

    A Place in the Sun-Turkey on telly.

    Hi all, channel 553 on sky, Discovery H & L, today at 11.00 am and again at 7.30 pm tonight, looking at Turkey for property with Amanda Lamb, dunno if its an old one but will watch it anyway. Cheers Mali :)
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