1. M


    good afternoon all, can anyone recomend a good place that sells televisions with in built cd player within the Fethiye/Ovacik area and what make we should be looking for and approx price Martin
  2. M

    purchasing televisions

    good morning all we are coming out there 23rd august with a view to purchase a tv for our villa can anyone recomend a good make any type and also a approx cost we are based in ovacik thankyou martin
  3. M


    Hi Folks, new to the forum, returned a week ago from a long weekend in Altinkum and bought a lovely penthouse on Appollon Village We're coming back in early October, just to add some finishing touches, as hopefully the furniture we ordered will have been delivered We want a bit of english TV...
  4. murdo

    settees, chairs, televisions and microwaves

    Hi I realise they vary, but what sort of price are these? Looking for an idea of budget for a 2 or a 3 bedroom apartment Thanks Jackie
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