1. bickern

    Turkish historical adventure television series

    Diriliş: Ertuğrul (English: "Resurrection: Ertugrul") is a Turkish historical adventure television series created by Mehmet Bozdağ, starring Engin Altan Düzyatan in the namesake leading role. It is filmed in Riva, a village in Beykoz, Turkey, and premiered on TRT 1 in Turkey on December 10...
  2. Yalides

    Jihad Television Guide

    6.00: G-Had TV. Morning prayers. 8.30: Talitubbies. Talitubbies say "Eh-oh". Dipsy and Tinky-Winky repair a Stinger missile launcher. 9.00: Shouts of Praise. More prayers. 10.00: The Apprentice. Ten young Muslims complete a variety of tasks each week - one of them will be recruited by...
  3. juco

    The yes / no Scottish television debate

    Did anyone watch this? For me it didnt answer any questions so no further forward. It came across as 2 politicians being....2 politicians with neither prepared to answer any questions properly. About a week ago I sent a couple of questions to one of the SNP members of parliament but so far...
  4. C

    Akbuk - LG Flat Screen Television

    LG 32" HD Flat screen television. Approximately 3 years old 3 HDMI ,1 USB and standard AVI connections Excellent condition. 500 tl Please pm me for more information.
  5. S

    UK television and unlimited broadband in Turkey

    Can anyone tell me the best way to watch UK tv, basic channels, I'm not into sport or movies, just BBC, ITV, Channels. 4&5. Also can anyone tell me the best broadband package for unlimited use Many thanks Sue
  6. J


    does anyone have a name and number for a satellite dish installer in kusadasi
  7. B

    Buying 40"-42" LCD Television?

    We would like to replace our very old television with a new 40"-42" LCD Flat Screen when we come out to Akbuk, Turkey in September. We are (of course) in the Didim/Altinkum area. Which TV would you recommend and roughly the cost? (An English instruction manual would be nice, if that is possible)...
  8. B


    If we bring a digibox from home (N.I.) will this enable us to watch telly while we are insitu, or do we need to do something else. Not that we want to watch telly ALL the time...we just want to have the option :help: BTW, we have already bought the television in Turkey.
  9. H

    English Television in Altinkum

    We stay in Altinkum at least a month a year in our own apartment so would like to no what is the best and cheapest way to watch English tv for this short period of time. Thanks for any help Phil
  10. saffie

    3D television

    3-D means headaches to many, yet companies push on - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review I watched a football match on my sons new 3D television recently and it made me feel really ill. I didn't like the "cup" or the ball continuously jumping out of the screen at me,and found it really...
  11. R

    For Sale - 32" TFT-LCD Television

    Vestel LCD 32" Flat Screen TV, HD Ready, 2 X HDMI, 2X Scart, 1 X VGA/PC & USB Inputs. Still under warranty, 12 months old. Perfect working order, with original box and packaging. Reason for sale, returning to the UK. 700TL ONO. Mobile 0537 940 4501
  12. Sunny Seasider

    Christmas Television

    I'm not a big TV fan, and very selective, but I enjoy Corrie and Cookery, Comedy, Nature and Sports Programmes, and the odd film. So when off I went and bought the tv guide for over the festive period I was pleasantly surprised, there's some good stuff on over Christmas this year, Corrie, The...
  13. S

    Television for sale - Didim

    Beko television silvery grey colour, good working order. Not a slimline. 29 inch screen remote control. Looking for a new home at 70tl. We are unable to deliver sorry.
  14. C

    British Television channels

    Hello All Can anyone advised which Television channels they get and with which sat dish or company and prices etc.. All info appriciated! Thank you in advance Jayne x
  15. ceemac

    Turkish state television sings a song of repentance

    Turkey’s state-owned music television channel has embarked on a nostalgic tour of the country’s checkered history of censorship with a new show that promises to air songs that it has banned in the past. ‘Banned Songs’ will launch this week with musician Özdemir Erdoğan. Here C
  16. A


    Any clues on the best way to get a 19 or 22 inch lcd television over to our place in mavishier?
  17. F


    Can anyone tell me if I can use an english 37" flat screen TV in Turkey by means of an adaptor ??
  18. bobthenob

    script writing for television

    With the many articles l have posted on here.Has given me thought to post one of these to a well known television company,whether they would take my story up,as a writer for a comedy series.Not the BBC,its to politically correct,l wouldn't fit in with their policies. There are two of them,l...
  19. M


    Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get a TV set up? If I visit a shop and purchase a tv, I assume this is delivered. Can this be plugged in and receive anything without a satellite package? The plan is to buy a tv, connect a dvd player and just watch dvds initially and purchase a...
  20. M

    Television Programmes

    Its ok to have a TV with loads of channels but how do people know or find out what programmes on when and on what station. It not like we can get TV mags which we can read in Turkey, or can we? mo
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