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    Spektiv, Telescope store in Alanya/Antalya?

    Hallo to evrybody! We moved to Alanya last month an live at Tepe. We have a wonderful view and I would like to buy a good telescope. Not for moon or starwatching, mainly for everything around. For bird/animalwatching it is called 'Spektiv'. Does anyone know if there is such shop in Alanya or...
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    Advice needed re: Telescopes

    Hi wonder if anyone can help. I was thinking of buying James a telescope for christmas, for use on the balcony. We have views of Fethiye and the harbour. He has 2 sets of decent binoculars, is it worthwhile buying a telescope and if so what should I be looking for as I haven't got a clue. Many...
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    Hi to all Izmir Folks. I will be up at Ikea later this week, but was wondering if there are any shops selling telescopes anywhere near. Looking for ammateur type, not professional nor ornamental brass type. Something mid-range for some star gazing. Thanks all in advance. Mike
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    look out your telescopes

    Did you know that you people lucky enough to be in Turkey at the end of March will be able to wintess an eclipes? A customer that I was booking flights for advised me that on the 28th 29th of March most areas in Turkey should see something but the best place to be will be Belek. Hope its worth...
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