1. T

    Telephone Jack

    Hello All, hope someone can help? I am bringing an English landline telephone over to use instead of my useless Turkish one. Does anyone have any idea where I can get a Turkish to English phone jack? Many thanks Tony
  2. CKPR

    BEWARE of Telephone calls

    BEWARE: Just received a telephone call on our mobile from a 0850 number claiming to be from YASAM SAGLIK (SIGORTA) advising me that my Health Insurance was due for renewal and could I confirm the last 4 digits of my credit card and 3 digit security. In NO certain words told them to go away...
  3. Harem


    Subject: AUSTRALIAN TELEPHONE GREETING Wouldn't it be amazing if this was to be introduced in the UK and USA ? This is the actual message you get when you phone the Australian social services/benefit office! 'GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO "CENTRELINK" THE AUSTRALIAN SOCIAL SERVICES AND BENEFITS...
  4. hayabusa

    Best Telephone line and internet.

    Hi all, I am looking to possibly install a phone line and internet in Koycegiz, Mugla. Does anyone know the best internet and phone line currently ?
  5. B

    Didim Garanti telephone number

    Hi I wondered if anyone had the telephone number or email for someone at Garanti who has decent customer service? Our internet account is blocked due to entering the incorrect pin and we are desperate to get access but seem to be getting nowhere with Garanti. I called the number on the website...
  6. A

    telephone tax in Turkey

    Has anybody else received an sms about IMEI number? I did last night and it appears that I have to go to tax office, and pay yet another cost to keep my phone open. I need to do this befor 10 October or my phone be cancelled. I brought my phone over from the UK in may, and paid the relevant fee...
  7. hayabusa

    Telephone and Internet Connection in Mugla.

    Does anyone know the cost of installing a new Telephone line - monthly, Yearly etc., and also which is the best and the fastest internet supplier in and around Koycegiz.
  8. N

    Getting a telephone connected without a residency permit

    Hi, does anyone know of a way / workaround getting a telephone line installed at my holiday villa so that I can then get the internet. I only have a tourist visa . Its mad they dont seem to want my money. Internet tv uses to much data so I need a landline . Any suggestions please.
  9. Frank&Mary

    Telephone Banking - Finansbank

    I am having difficulty getting through to the english speaking option on Finansbank telephone banking service. I have not used the telephone option for a while as the internet banking service works well for most transactions. I have tried the number that used to always get through 0090 216 444...
  10. T

    Resort hoppa telephone number?

    Am trying to call Resort Hoppa, would be grateful if anyone out there could supply me with marmaris telephone number. The one I have been trying is 0252 412 61 01 but not getting thru. Thanks
  11. animalmad34

    Telephone and Internet

    Who knows where i can go to get the phone and internet connection in my apartment..I am always running back and forth to internet cafe,s and need to get this sorted for when im out beginning of Nov.. Friends of mine have keys and i can pay you when i get there . Thanks Karen x
  12. maggie

    Lack of Telephone bill/Internet.

    Turk telecom no longer are sending me a phone of internet bill thro the post. Is there any way you can read these online as Im not sure if Im being diddled or not as I no longer have an itemized bill to consult. Thanks . Hugs Maggie xx
  13. lara

    Telephone Hacking

    I watched a very interesting programme tonight on Channel 4; Dispatches. Tabloids, Tories and Telephone Hacking. An examination of the details of phone hacking when Andy Coulson was editor of the News of the World, and News International links within the government. I didn't catch the...
  14. D

    telephone cards

    hi everybody- woulld somebody please advise me as to the cheapest means of ringing landlines in the UK from a public telephone kiosk in Turkey. Have heard various stories about 5 lira cards which gives 50 mins or near enough- however havent been able to source one myself.
  15. Andy

    BT Telephone Scam

    This came to me ( via a friend) today: PLEASE PASS ON TO YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY & WORK COLLEAGUES I received a call from a 'representative' of BT, informing me that he was disconnecting me because of an unpaid bill. He demanded payment immediately of £31.00, or it would be £ 118.00 to re-connect...
  16. A

    Turkish telephone directory on-line?

    This is an ignorant question ... but what is the url for Turkey's telephone directory? Thanks!
  17. W

    Taxi telephone numbers and rates

    Hi folks Is anyone able to give me a list of Taxi companies in Fethiye with their telephone numbers so I can call and enquire about their rates for long trips? Many thanks
  18. S

    Goldtrail telephone con

    If booking online with Goldtrail beware of their latest method of scamming money from you Booking online with them there is no facility to add luggage-this must be done over the phone with a 10p per minute number I tried all day yday and was repeatedly kept in a queue never advancing much more...
  19. Andy

    Cold Telephone Callers

    What do you do to deter them ? Here is a site that tells you how to reply to them, it's well worth a look. anti-telemarketing EGBG counterscript
  20. S

    telephone number needed

    does anyone know the number for deniz at k9 dog kennels please thanks
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