1. G

    Turk Telekom credit top-up during Coronavirus lock down

    I have a question: Is it possible to go into a shop in Turkey to top-up the credit on a Turk Telekom pay-as-you-go mobile phone, or are all phone shops in Alanya closed, as they are in UK? I am currently in UK and am unable to access my GarantiBank account as my mobile is not accepting...
  2. D

    Turk Telekom bankrupt?

    We have been waiting 5 weeks to get our telephone line repaired and have just seen a post on facebook that Turk Telekom is bankrupt. Does anyone have any news on this? David
  3. suzyq

    Türk Telekom merges all products, services under single brand

    Türk Telekom has merged all of its products and services offered by Avea, TTNET and Türk Telekom under the single Türk Telekom brand, in line with global trends and the needs of its customers. With this step, Türk Telekom has consolidated its position as an integrated communication, technology...
  4. bickern

    Türk Telekom surveillance plans unacceptable

    Looks like new equipment has been bought and installed ready for whatever they want to snoop on. Lets face it Türk Telekom won't be the actual snoopers. ------------------------------------------ Ten civil society organizations made a statement on Wednesday drawing attention to alleged...
  5. gally

    Turk Telekom Campaign

    Last year I took Turk Telekom's "Free Tablet + 1000 free minutes" campaign and there were others on TLF that also took the same campaign. I was told that the 1000 free minutes covered Turkish landlines & mobiles and also UK landlines & mobiles. I was wondering if anyone knows if the UK minutes...
  6. Tommie

    Turk Telekom - TTNet

    I have both a phone line with Turk Telekom and unlimited internet with TTNet. I signed up for TTNET with Turk Telekom. Every month I get a separate bill, in its own envelope, from both Turk Telekom and TTNet. A friend of mine also has a phone and internet but only the small package. She get 2...
  7. S

    HELP Please!! Turk Telekom

    My bank has not picked up on my Turk Telekom direct debit so here I am in Ireland with my bill due next week Is there any number I could ring to pay it over the phone using my Garanti card?????? Dont want to be cut off and have all the hassle next Spring when I get back out there Thanks
  8. M

    Full TTNet and Turk Telekom Support in Fethiye area

    Full TTNet and Turk Telekom Support is now offered in this Group from official sources. If you want a new phone - a new internet line or want to change tariff - have issues with termination or moving then it's all available here.
  9. altinkum kev

    Turk Telekom

    Does anyone else have problems of internet closing down when they use the land line phone,or has had the problem and it has been rectified.
  10. C

    Turk Telekom Bills online

    Does anyone if it's possible to view your telephone bill online? We pay by direct debit and normally always receive a paper bill but this month our bill is way more than normal for no reason we can think of and - typically - no bill has turned up so we can check! I have looked at the TT site...
  11. val2661

    Turk telekom increase??

    I went to England on 16th May for 3 weeks, returning on 7th June. On my return I couldn't dial out on my landline phone and put this down to not having paid my bill (due on 25th May) whilst I was away. As I had a friend staying with me, I have only just got round to going to PTT to pay my Turk...
  12. SonnyJim

    Turk Telekom - Answer message

    We have a Turk Telekom land line and have noticed over the past month or so that when getting incoming calls it would stop after 4 rings. It has been very frustrating and we have missed calls. Yesterday I called our no using the mobile, to find that a voicemail message is left. I looked on...
  13. S

    Turk Telekom / Broadband Bandwidth Issues !!

    Hi, Does anyone living over here in Altinkum have problems with Turk Telekom and thier broadband? Does anyone have a connection higher than 1mb ?? I have lived in 2 different areas of Altinkum so far, and both times, Turk Telekom tell me that I can only have 1mb max, in the area I am living...
  14. Harem

    Telekom Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Suddenly the phone line went dead. Why? Bills were all paid so what was the reason? Visited the Telekom office to report it – OK, back on today!! This went on for over a week and still no phone. Then, at the end of the week the ADSL went off too. Well, I might be able to go without a...
  15. sandpearse

    Turk Telekom

    Just thought I would share my story about the good service that I have received from Turk Telekom. Last Friday I went into Turk Telekom in Bodrum, to apply for a phone line. After filling in the relevant form and supplying relevant photo copies, I was told that they would come and fit my line...
  16. ceemac

    New Charges from Turk Telekom

    Not sure if this has been covered or not. Türk Telekom announces new tariffs for home and work phones Türk Telekom will implement one of the biggest reductions to date in national, international and mobile calls: With the new tariffs effective March 1st 2007, the prices for national calls...
  17. jane2005

    Turk Telekom

    Can anyone give me some advice. My telephone has not been working for over 3 weeks, I have been into Turk Telekom almost on a daily basis trying to get an engineer out to have a look. The engineers eventually turned up this morning, had a look at the little box outside my house, then told me it...
  18. merlin

    Turk Telekom Sell Off....

    Turkey confirmed last night it had extended the deadline for bids in the long-delayed privatisation of the state telecommunication company, Turk Telekom, by about three weeks, to June 24. The decision was made 'in line with the demands of investors', the privatisation board said in a...
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