1. ceemac

    Daily Telegraph Attacks Rights of Retired Britons Living Abroad

    A leading British newspaper has felt it necessary to wade in and comment on the fact that retired Britons living abroad receive a winter fuel allowance – somehow asking readers to accept the opinion that retirees overseas don’t matter... Here C
  2. J


    Today's online Daily Telegraph publish results from Transparancy International. Not heard of them before today. Telegraph say they are a non-government based organisation, based in Berlin. This organisation names countries who, in their opinion, are the most corrupt. Britain were listed jointly...
  3. D

    Updated articles on Turkey in the Telegraph (on-line)

    It looks like the Telegraph have updated their Turkey section a little, there are a couple of interesting stories that may make interesting reading to some. See the articles here: Turkey travel information, holiday ideas, advice and reviews - Telegraph Cultural tours in Turkey Activity...
  4. T

    You can in Kalkan... Telegraph Sat 23rd June

    An article in yesterday's Telegraph talking about Kalkan ("relatively sophistcated") and, in particular, a development : "LaVanta, now being built, will consist of 158 homes set high on a hilltop overlooking picturesque Kalkan Bay.... a fully gated resort with prioces starting at £185,000"...
  5. Higgy

    Telegraph Report

    Go to and then in the search box type Buying in Turkey and you will find a good article about the benifits of the region. I am sure someone will put in the link Higgy - pinched from elsewhere.
  6. immac

    Telegraph Article

    Telegraph Worldstage Malcolm Moore, Antalya (Filed: 30/08/2006) Will the British be going back to Turkey next year? A week on the beach in a three-star hotel in Marmaris, including flights from Gatwick, was available yesterday for only £149 on Holy Constantinople! With...
  7. merlin

    Telegraph Travel report on Fethiye....

    Interesting report on Fethiye Here Merv!
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