1. S

    Strange Turkish Telecom SMS

    Hi. Can someone help me with this as it is causing me some anxiety ! I took out a Turkish SIM card package 3 weeks ago. I then today get the following SMS message as below. I haven't a clue about what it is about ! Would appreciate any help that the Turkish speaking members can give. "Degerli...
  2. T

    tur telecom Internet packages

    Good morning all Our Internet contract is up for renewal and we have been looking at all the different packages turk telecom have on offer. We haven't got a clue which package will be adequate for what we want which is mainly to be able to watch TV for at least 6 hrs day/night (probably more...
  3. G

    Turk Telecom

    I have been reading posts on here regarding the residents permits and have seen the goalposts change immeasurably since we've been here. When we first moved here, we managed to obtain a 3 year permit and during that time, the format changed where they had to be renewed every year! The...
  4. martirkz

    Turk Telecom an absolute Joke

    We have been waiting now for 48 days for an engineer to resolve the problem we have with our telephone line, yes 48 days without a phone or internet. We call every 2-3 days and repeat the same thing each time to them that despite what they say ( the technical dept will resolve the problem within...
  5. A

    Another sad but true story about Turk Telecom

    On the 14th March our telephone and internet line failed No dial tone, no internet no incoming calls We reported the fault on the 15th We received a text on the 16th that the fault has been fixed. But line still not working We reported the fault and the following day received a text fault...
  6. beyazbayan

    Turk Telecom Repairs

    There has been no service to parts of Sekerhane Mah since Saturday night due to Turk Telekom repairs and improvements. Your phone will not work but anyone ringing you gets the ringing tone - now that's what İ call helpful. Their advice is don't worry it will only be a few days.
  7. partypixie

    Turk Telecom Fethiye

    Has moved......... it is no longer where it has always been - now in nice new premises near the old Devlet Hospital in the centre of the new pedestrianised area in Fethiye - next to the Vizon Hotel near Citlembik.
  8. C

    Getting landline from Turk telecom

    Hi all, Friends of mine are going for their first ikamet this week and then want to get a landline and internet put in, they have been told off someone you now have to have your ikamet 12 months before you can do this, and that you no longer have to go to Turk Telecom in Alanya (Oba) you can go...
  9. P

    Turk Telecom reminder

    News Detail | Home | Türk Telekom
  10. Pandora

    Turk Telecom Broadband

    Can anyone advise please. Our broadband is so slow. Because we live in a village Turk Telecom have said that the best we can get is 1mb unlimited but this freezes so much. My husband has seen that you can get accelerators to boost this. If we bring one from the UK (BT one?) would it work in...
  11. D

    Turk Telecom

    Anyone out there know anything about the murky workings of TurkTelecom?We live in Akbuk and have just been refused permission for a phone line because "we are too far away from the nearest line".Have just measured it out and we are about 50metres from the nearest manhole cover marked "Telefone"...
  12. val2661

    Turk telecom & tt internet

    Over the past three months I have lost my phone and internet connection 3 times, for anything up to a week. There doesn't seem to be any difference on my bills and my internet is always more than the monthly charge (sometimes twice as much). My wireless internet was a secure setting, but when...
  13. G

    Can I pay Turk Telecom by Direct Debit

    Hello, I want to set myself up with a phone line & ADSL in our place in Yalikavak. The process for paying that I read about in other threads is that you take your bill to the Post Office every month and settle up. But I won't be there every month so I'm wondering whether there's a Turkish...
  14. immac

    ADSL - Turk Telecom

    With my limited turkish I have worked out that those people on limited download packages have now been upgraded to a minimum speed of 512KB/s at no extra charge. I have an unlimited package at 256KB/s. I have looked at the TT site but it is in very technical Turkish, which is a bit beyond me...
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