1. willip

    TV program" Benefit street"

    anybody watch the program last night? thought the 50 pence man was funny, he had a cardboard box with plastic cups in it that he half filled with coffee, drinking choc, soap powder, washing up liquid and clothes softener and 1 toilet roll in a plastic bag and when around the street selling...
  2. S11AUN

    tele in yali!

    Hi all, could anyone tell me the best place around Yalikavak to buy a television and what is the best "English package" to buy? (as many channels as possible but as cheap as possible). Thanks Shaun:114mf:
  3. S

    Tele wanted

    Just posting this on the off chance that anyone is moving on, or upgrading their tele. We are looking for a flat screen 26" tele to mount on wall. Not here all the time so looking for 2nd hand one if possible. Bodrum peninsula area. PM me if you are thinking of selling one. Sue
  4. maggie

    World cup on your tele.

    Is anyone else trying to watch the World Cup football on their television in Turkey.!!!! All channels have just shut down all coverage of the World Cup games any one else experiencing this.?????? Nik is going mad. Maggie xxx
  5. B

    turkey on tele now

    hi turkey i want that house on itv starting now 2 oclock for enybody on line sandra??
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